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Martin Bauer Managing Director of COCO

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
+49 89 45099350

COCO is a content marketing agency based in Munich.
For 25 years we have been creating content strategies for the (re)launch of websites and optimizing existing website content for German and international companies and brands - very quickly if required, gladly on a long-term basis and always goal-oriented.
As an SEO agency, we ensure your success in search engine optimization.

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Content Marketing Agency Reference PlanetHome Group Lea Lippmann

"We commissioned COCO to draft all the texts for three newly established companies. From workshops with our managing directors, to complete copywriting, to coordination with other agencies, all tasks were delivered quickly and with the highest quality. We can recommend COCO Content Marketing all around."

Lea Lippmann, Teamlead Marketing at PlanetHome Group

Want concrete results from your content marketing agency?

Over the past 24 years, we have applied and developed ourselves a variety of methods for successful content marketing.

We have gained extensive experience in managing over 800 digital projects for companies such as Zeppelin, Motel One, Die Grünen, Estée Lauder, many successful medium-sized companies and startups. It's all about the perfect combination of editorial content on the website, for SEO/search engine optimization and online PR. In the right combination, this becomes a successful content strategy.

In particular, our experience with our own startups has taught us the importance of actively promoting high-quality content in online marketing. This is how we ensure sustainable growth of your brand awareness, social engagement and traffic on your websites.

As a content marketing agency, we measure ourselves by your results.

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Content Strategy

We design the best possible content strategy for your goals and target groups. We score points on the website with storytelling and lead generation. SEO also counts directly towards your success based on the optimal strategy. Measuring this success on an ongoing basis is the best way to optimize your online marketing in the long term.

Content Creation

We create high-quality content for your websites, landing pages and for SEO (text, graphics, video). Both user-centric content for your sales funnel and specific link-building content are created based on careful analysis. With storytelling, your company, brands and products will convince your existing and potential customers.

SEO Agency

Increase your website rankings and organic traffic by benefiting from the knowledge of our SEO specialists. Based on an SEO audit, we advise you. The goal: rankings on the first page. You want links from well-known publications? We strengthen your online PR with established relationships with publishers and influencers.

Experience from projects with selected companies in numerous industries

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency Munich

Martin Bauer
Managing Director
+49 89 45099350

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Content marketing agency for three startups in Munich

Development of all website content incl. SEO for three newly founded startups.

RE8, VIV and NYM as new competence leaders in the real estate market

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Nym Website Mockup - Reference COCO Content Marketing Agency Munich

We have been active in the field of content marketing for over 20 years. At that time, there were neither content marketing agencies nor specialized SEO agencies in Munich. As an Internet agency or digital agency, we have nevertheless been intensively involved with the content of our customers' websites. SEO or search engine optimization was also an important topic 20 years ago. At that time, keywords were the decisive factor. In today's digital marketing it is content clusters around pillar pages. Promoting your own valuable content to generate quality backlinks has always been important. Even today, this approach cannot be overestimated for success in organic search. However, it only works sustainably in combination with the right measures.

fogra research institute reference coco content marketing

Positioning, website and film production

Perception as a modern service provider in a rapidly changing industry; new website and image film

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Fogra Article Website - Reference COCO Content Marketing Agency Munich
SEO Agency Munich Reference Dassault Systemes

"For me, there are 3 factors that make an outstanding agency: Trust, competence and good communication.

Martin and his team were convincing in all areas right from the start. We have not regretted for a second that we chose COCO to tackle the topic of SEO at Dassault Systèmes.

What I particularly appreciated: Cooperation at eye level, a high degree of reliability, flexibility and the constant overview of the big picture. And we never lost our sense of fun in the process."

Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

The results of our content marketing agency speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is the increase in visibility in Google, the better ranking of your keywords, the collection of valuable backlinks and social shares, and the increased traffic to your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads.

Content Marketing Agency Blog

Exuding trust is a particularly important tool in content marketing. For many companies, trust is one of the core values of their brand. For others, it is simply an essential method to motivate new customers to contact them on the website. Martin Bauer, CEO of COCO, shows in his blog and podcast which building blocks and methods are helpful and necessary to convey trustworthiness via one's own website. The blog additionally covers topics around content marketing, content strategy and SEO as well as experiences of the content marketing agency and SEO agency.

Trust remains the cornerstone of B2B communication

A lot has changed in B2B communications in recent years. The primary Customer acquisition has long been dominated by trade fairs, mailings and customer events. The more personal, the better. And no wonder. After all, building trust is essential, especially when it comes to uncertain decisions in B2B. Personal contact is unbeatable for this. Has the resulting Content Strategy changed in times of Corona, limited travel and overall uncertain economic outlook?

Our contents are published

The performance of your website is very much dependent on the success of getting your high-quality content online. With our own studies, we advance our understanding of newsworthy and relevant content. With online PR, we ensure that our results are featured in leading magazines and online publications.

reference for coco new media itd veronika wrba

"Working with COCO is fun and brings significant improvements. Their innovative suggestions were a milestone for our online communications. I was impressed with how deeply they dug into our B2B market and the needs of our customers."

Veronika Wrba, Marketing Manager at ITD

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