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advertising. But we are a content marketing agency.

The world is fast, loud and overstimulating. And advertising? Annoying. That's why good content marketing is so important to us. So that people can find the content that is relevant to them. So that great ideas have the chance to grow. So that the needs of customers and companies become one. We love what we do because we know why we do it.

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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What distinguishes the content marketing agency COCO in Munich?

Consistent orientation to results

We don't want to simply do our job. We conscientiously do what we are convinced will deliver the best results. And we do everything so that you can look at it with pride.

Commitment to excellence

For excellent work, we use the best technical solutions (even if they cost a lot of money) and the extensive expertise of our employees. In addition, we rely on es own studies and methods, which we permanently develop further.

Teams with pronounced diversity

Man+woman, old+young, hip+conservative, European+Asian, graphic designer+copywriter, ... diverse teams are more creative, inspiring and powerful. That's why we work this way and also love diversity in our clients. For this reason, we are happy to have both DAX companies and startups in our clientele. The contrasting worlds enrich each other and us.

Use of the latest technologies

We love data. We love the latest tools. And the analyses that go with them. It used to be said that every second euro in advertising was given away, you just didn't know which one. That's different today!


We can't do our job well without open, honest communication. For our customers, that means saying exactly what we think will help grow their brands, without sugarcoating anything. For our team, it means valuing honest feedback, voicing opinions and respecting the opinions of others.

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Experience from projects with selected companies in numerous industries

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

"Working with the best possible team and using the most successful methods to make our clients' digital content sustainably successful is the goal for me in every project."

Martin Bauer, Managing Director

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Where do we come from?

COCO was founded in 1997 by Martin Bauer directly out of his business studies as a full service digital agency. 

In the period up to 2021, more than 800 projects were realized for more than 300 customers.

In addition, the following startups were spun off:

  • - Content, Commerce und Community rund um das Thema Film, Exit Pre-IPO an Cinemedia Film AG
  • Contenno - International Marketplace for Journalistic Content
  • Digital estate planning - Exit to memoresa
  • pleyces - Social Network for travel lovers

At its peak, more than 60 employees were working at the same time.

The tasks for digital agencies have always changed, but never as much as in recent years.

This beautiful video we recorded about 20 years ago !!! The contents fit almost completely today (okay, the Flash not).Have fun watching!

And today?

We love content! Let us convince and inspire you!

As a content marketing agency in Munich, we consistently focus on excellent content marketing for your website relaunch, your online campaign, optimization and expansion of your content, expansion of your brand, conversion optimization and SEO. Very good content is the prerequisite for the long-term and sustainable success of your online marketing activities.

For your project we use experienced team from the areas of consulting, text, graphics, SEO and project management.

Our current services incorporate both the accumulated experience of the last 25 years of digital activities and a range of the latest scientific methods, some of which we have developed ourselves. Our proven content strategy is the result, which we have already successfully used in hundreds of projects.

We look forward to presenting our service package to you in detail and getting to know your project.

You need support from a content marketing agency or in the area of SEO?

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you within 24 hours.

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