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Ever thought about working with a campaigning agency? Yes? Well then, all we have to do now is convince you to launch your online campaigns in cooperation with COCO. And we can do that. With many years of experience in (online) marketing and digital campaigns, we are the perfect contact.
Whether it's an online marketing campaign or a link building campaign, we are here for you. Want to learn more about our workflow as a campaigning agency? Read on!

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Online campaigns are a popular way to attract attention on the web. Whatever you call them, the process is always similar. Digital campaigns refer to activities with various advertising media on the Internet.

In the following, you will learn everything you need for a successful online marketing campaign. But you can also simply leave that to us as a campaigning agency. It wouldn't be the first 😉

Especially in recent years, the possibilities for campaigns on the web have greatly expanded. While companies used to be limited to major search engines, social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have once again created entirely new possibilities. As an online campaigning agency, we are at your side throughout the entire process.

Collaborating on online campaigns requires a lot of experience

New tonality and SEO texts

A new tonality that brings out the character of Develey and whets the appetite.

What makes a successful digital campaign?

With an online marketing campaign, you can analyze your website visitors with pinpoint accuracy. This allows you to see which corners still need a little tweaking. 

Online campaigns are much cheaper compared to TV campaigns. You invest less in playing out the campaign and thus have more budget for conception and strategy. This ensures that the potential customer is addressed precisely.

Success: The success factors for a digital campaign cannot be classified across the board. Of course, it always depends on your goals. But the industry and external circumstances also have an impact on the relevant success factors. 

Most online campaigns have one thing in common: the goal is to increase the conversion rate. The starting point for this should definitely be a high-quality website or landing page. The customer must feel comfortable on the website, so that they want to learn more about your product.

Websites that have not been touched for 10 years or landing pages that are not very appealing tend to have the opposite effect here. The structure of the page should also be designed so that the user can easily navigate from A to B at any time. Of course, sufficient content must also be provided.

Analysis: Before creating an online campaign, the target group is always analyzed. Needs, desires, drive and appropriate tonality. All this determines the structure and communication channels of the campaign. It is important that the design elements of the online campaign match the target audience. If you do not do this, the campaign will quickly fail.

The first impression counts: So now you know what the customer imagines and expects when he comes to your site. If possible, the addressee should find everything that convinces him of your company or the campaign content at first glance. That's why these elements belong right at the beginning. Above-the-fold is the keyword here.

As an agency for online campaigning, we have many years of experience in the successful implementation of online campaigns. We are happy to support you every step of the way, from target group analysis to conception and implementation to measuring success.

Campaigning agency

10 steps to a successful online campaign

1. clear definition of objectives

  • Do you need a branding or performance campaign?
  • Branding campaigns increase brand awareness and put your product in the minds of potential customers.
  • Performance campaigns aim to increase sales. For example, by increasing conversions.

2. definition of the target group

  • Defining target audiences is a fundamental part of planning and executing an online campaign. The more information you provide, the easier it becomes.
  • The target group decides: Strategy, communication channels, tone, time and duration of the campaign.

3. creating the landing page

  • Ads must link to a specific landing page. Make sure that this landing page is suitable for your target audience.
  • Are the loading times reasonable?
  • Do the structure and content of your website match?

5. pixel implementation

  • So-called tracking pixels represent an important part of campaign optimization. They are used to record the statistical evaluation of your online marketing campaigns.
  • Pixels are embedded in the source code of your website or landing page. This way, visitors are monitored and tracked.

6. graphic creation

  • The design and production of online ads should be done by professional graphic designers.

7. tracking test

  • Before launching your digital campaign, run a tracking test to make sure everything is working as expected.

8. go to the start

  • According to the plan of your online campaign, it will be released on the date you specify.
  • From now on, the advertising material will be displayed to the appropriate target group on the corresponding pages.

9. continuous optimization

  • The web presence is monitored and continuously optimized throughout the entire campaign duration in order to achieve the campaign goals in the best possible way. A/B tests can also be used here.

10. periodic reporting

  • During the campaign period, you will receive regular reports on the success of your campaign. This gives you an overview of the progress of your campaign.
First reference for COCO content marketing agency in Munich

"COCO's work was characterized by professional competence and reliability from the very first workshop. With the restructuring of our content, this leads to a better customer journey. The overall results are the perfect basis for us to further develop the content of the website and other online marketing measures."

Monika Lohmaier, Marketing & Communications Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies

Digital channels for your online campaign

There are many ways to advertise online. These options present website operators with a choice that determines success or failure on the Internet.

Marketing channels represent the link between a company and its customers, whereby a distinction is made here between classic sales channels (e.g. retail or online stores) and communication channels. These transmit company information to customers. This in turn enables conversations in the sense of dialog marketing. Of course, this can also be tracked. The most important tools for this are included in Google Analytics.

Not everything is done with Google Analytics
However, Google Analytics is not suitable for measuring the performance of display campaigns (banner campaigns). There are various technical backgrounds to this. For example, it cannot be used to track how many impressions your banner has already caused.

Therefore, you need special tools, which we will gladly provide if needed. For smaller campaigns, we as a campaigning agency usually monitor the success ourselves and you receive clear reports.

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What can COCO do for you as a campaining agency?

Now that you have a good overview of how to run an online campaign, let's talk about how we work together.

To start an online campaign, the first thing you need to think about is whether you want to take on this process yourself. There are plenty of reasons to leave your online campaign in external hands. Especially if the service provider has as much experience as COCO. 

So if you decide to use an external service provider, experience is your first criterion. In addition, of course, it must also fit on a personal level. We will be happy to convince you of this in an initial meeting.

We then start with a comprehensive kick-off workshop. The focus here is on company and target group analysis. Then we start with the conception and implementation of your campaign.

Throughout the entire process, we work closely with you and you always maintain an overview. Especially during the implementation of the campaign and the subsequent measurement of success, we exchange ideas intensively. This way, conclusions on strategy adjustments are directly determined for the futurehold

Convinced? Get in touch with us. Of course, also if you have any questions about our work and a possible cooperation.

HateAid Campaign
Hate Aid Logo

TikTok strategy against hate on the internet

TikTok campaign to educate Internet users about online hate issues

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We ensure that your website successfully generates leads. Whether they are targeting customers, business partners or job applicants. We ensure more conversions on your website.

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Frequently asked questions about campaigning agencies and online campaigns

Campaigns run over a certain period of time and can be implemented in different advertising areas and with different advertising media. An important aspect here is target group control and responding to one's own target groups.

An online campaign is played out in the usual online media. 

Depending on the type of campaign you want to measure, there are various free and paid tools that you can use to evaluate the success of your campaigns. These vary depending on the channel on which the campaign is shown.

The best known tool is certainly Google Analytics. It is well suited for monitoring SEA campaigns. It allows you to track and analyze what is happening on your website.

"What have visitors been doing on my website?"
"What orders have been placed?"

Detailed evaluations in real time provide a highly precise indication of optimization potential.

The answer to this question varies depending on the target group. However, there are some channels that are particularly effective.

Your own website
This can be a corporate website, blog, or business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
In simple terms, search engine marketing is the placement of a website that can be found on search engine results pages. A distinction is made between unpaid search results (SEO) and paid advertising (SEA).

Email marketing
Continuously building an email list and regularly sending thoughtful and even personalized newsletters can generate significant revenue in email marketing.

Social media channels
If you use social media platforms to communicate, use these channels to spread your campaigns. The common social media are, for example, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. A social media campaign is particularly suitable for companies with a young target group.

It depends on your business and your defined goals. For example, if one goal is to attract new customers, search engine marketing may be the channel for you.

It also matters who your target audience is. Not everyone is everywhere. To find out where to find your target audience, a target group analysis can be helpful and understand which customers use the appropriate channels.


Online campaigns typically end when the desired campaign goal is reached or the defined term ends. To ensure a smooth process, COCO recommends working with an online campaign manager or a campaigning agency. We are at your disposal for this purpose.

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