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TikTok Strategy for Hate Aid

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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Hate Aid is the central point of contact for hate on the Internet. On the one hand, it supports those affected, and on the other, it takes active action against perpetrators. In this way, the company is committed to peaceful communication on the web.

You are against Hate campaign screenshot


Hate Aid's target group is Internet users of all ages. Young people are also frequently affected by hate on the Internet. That's why Hate Aid wants to target these users specifically via the TikTok platform. To this end, an entertaining TikTok strategy and a matching campaign are to be developed.

Result of a workshop What we hate, what we love


TikTok is an extremely fast platform. The very first second of a video decides whether users finish watching it or not. For an organization like Hate Aid, it is important to find the right balance between information and entertainment.

For this, authentic people from the target group are interviewed on the street. In the contrast between the pretense of "hating" and "being hated," funny facial expressions are created that ultimately call for solidarity with people who have been hated.

Hate Aid sample video


The result of the collaboration with Hate Aid is a mature TikTok strategy and a set of pre-produced, exemplary content for the organization's channel. For one month, all content for TikTok is already planned and implemented.

We are creating the foundation for long-term, organic development of Hate Aid's TikTok channel.

"COCO managed to wow us after just one workshop with the first TikTok concept they presented to us: beautiful, creative, easy-to-implement idea - fits the brief perfectly."

produced videos
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