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carwow offers a platform for buying and comparing new cars. The aim is to make the decision-making process easier for customers. The platform is used by numerous customers in Germany, as it enables direct comparisons of new cars in the buyer's vicinity.


The carwow platform has numerous pages presenting the different car models. carwow offers test reports, information on the Leasing of the respective models and numerous topics related to cars.

The website is so extensive that texts quickly become very monotonous and the temptation is great to simply copy content. However, since Google notices when content is repeated frequently, this is not an option.

This is where COCO comes in. With the goal of providing the most interesting and helpful information possible on a wide range of topics related to leasing, car buying and car care, we produce content for the carwow platform.


A comprehensive website like carwow's must be permanently supplied with content. With our numerous articles, matching photos and SEO-optimized texts, we fill the platform with content at a regular rhythm.

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"High-quality SEO texts with a noticeable added value for our website visitors - that's what we wanted and got from COCO.

We appreciate the ongoing cooperation on all levels: uncomplicated communication channels, expert knowledge and the usual good content. A clear recommendation!"

Irene Wallner, Senior Online Editor at carwow GmbH

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