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Fogra is the research institute for topics in the field of printing and media technologies. The institute is an association and conducts scientific research that is made available to the industry independently of competitive considerations. Furthermore, Fogra is active as a globally recognized service provider for test orders and certifications as well as an organizer of renowned industry events.

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As a modern service provider and research institute with a worldwide reputation, Fogra's goal is to present itself adequately in the digital media. To achieve this, the website is to be found better on the Internet for the essential core topics. In addition to the website to be revised, a comprehensive SEO strategy is therefore to be developed that will make the research institute more successful with search engines.

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The new website will be equipped with a completely new approach for the different target groups. Personas and customer journeys form the conceptual basis. Users can access the content relevant to them both via topic pages and via a central search in the header. A matrix structure makes it possible to link topics on one side and the three areas of research, testing and certification on the other. The large amount of content thus becomes navigable. The many posts are also ideal for placing long-tail keywords. By integrating prominent confidence building blocks, for example in the form of numbers, the conversion probability is increased. 

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The website offers all different users exactly what they are looking for and enables targeted access. With a modern layout, large images and fonts, Fogra deliberately sets itself apart from the traditional look and thus positions itself as a modern company in a completely new way.

The integration of the Fogra Web Academy enables the digital continuation of previous offline events.

A new image video rounds off the impression.

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"COCO's work was characterized by professional competence and reliability from the very first workshop. With the restructuring of our content, this leads to a better customer journey. The overall results are the perfect basis for us to further develop the content of the website and other online marketing measures."

Monika Lohmaier, Marketing & Communications Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies

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