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ITD is a typical hidden champion - the company is one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment carts and support arms for medical technology. It has been in existence for over 25 years and supplies its products to 70 countries.

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The website is to be optimized to make it easier for new customers from all over the world to understand the company and its product range. Contact with new customers is to be significantly improved.

Another target group of the website are potential employees.

The content of the website is to be implemented in three languages: German, English and Chinese. It is also to be optimized for the corresponding search engines.

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The project begins with a comprehensive workshop to identify the company's central brand message and examine the target groups. Personas and customer journeys are developed.

The page structure is optimized. The new main navigation point Applications enables important entry points for users and SEO.

Stories are also integrated to show the passion of the people involved for their products and solutions.

The texts are simplified and user-centric. With distinctive Numbers quickly capture experience and performance.

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A completely new online presence communicates the company values. Access to the products is significantly easier.

The website is found very well in Google and Baidu. A number of position 1 placements have been achieved.

The company as a whole continues to develop highly dynamically. New customers from all over the world are the basis for ongoing expansion.

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ITD virtual trade fair
ITD Media Center
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"Working with COCO is fun and brings significant improvements. Their innovative suggestions were a milestone for our online communications. I was impressed with how deeply they dug into our B2B market and the needs of our customers."

Veronika Wrba, Marketing Manager at ITD

Position 1 in Google
Stories about the relaunch

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