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The Return to Value website is an information platform of the reverse logistics company RLG. The company with its various subsidiaries manages a wide variety of processes for taking back and reusing "waste" in numerous countries. These include, for example, used batteries, electronic waste, e-commerce packages, packaging materials and wheelchairs.

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The goal of the Return to Value website is to convey the fascinating world of the Reverse Logistics Group. Waste recycling is to be presented in an exciting and educational way. Here users can learn what it means to throw away electrical appliances and why many raw materials are valuable.

In addition to writing the texts, several interesting infographics on recycling and recovery are to be created.

RLG Recycling Apple


The website under the new slogan Return to Value is designed to show the world of Reverse Logistics Group in a magazine-like style. The individual stories are prominently teased on the home page, full screen and with a large web font.

The presentation should be characterized by strong photos, explanatory information graphics, embedded videos and exciting texts. 

In this way, access to the reverse logistics world is exciting and interesting for both the experienced business partner and the generally interested layperson. 

At the foot of each article, B2B readers can find out which company from the Group offers solutions for the area in question. 

The website is realized for the international target group in 11 languages. The exciting content can be liked and shared via social links.

RLG Deposit


An exciting website with twelve stories at the start and numerous informative infographics invite the user to discover.

In the B2B community, the website receives worldwide attention and is visited in all eleven available language variants, including Chinese, Romanian and Italian. 

RLG Graphic disposal
RLG Graphic e-waste
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