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As a content creation agency, we make content. Or: we paint pictures, read minds, answer questions and make people laugh. It's all a matter of wordiness, isn't it? Framed by strategy and SEO, content creation is the core of our work. And our passion! We create video scripts, social posts or blog posts from the heart of the brand to pick up your target audience where they are with their needs. You're looking for custom-fit content? We create it. Cross-media, targeted and in your tone of voice.

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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We have experienced a lot in the digital support of over 800 projects. For a long time, we operated as a full-service digital agency. In this role, content creation was only part of our remit. Very often we were confronted with the fact that companies thought they could produce the content themselves in-house. The result: UX, design, programming are ready for a long time. Only the finished content is a long time coming. The project drags on. Frustration for everyone involved. And after the website is finally live, even the bad feeling increases because the continuous update does not meet the planned quality level.

On the other hand, how fulfilling and satisfying for all parties involved on the company and agency side were projects in which we were also allowed to act as a content creation agency from the very beginning.

Because we saw the Needs of our customers and being enthusiastic copywriters, graphic designers and video producers ourselves, we decided to focus all our efforts on content creation

We create digital content of all kinds. For one-off projects like a website relaunch as well as for ongoing activities like blog posts.

In this way, we support our customers, help with punctual implementation of projects and the reliable filling of all digital channels. And thus ensure satisfied project participants.

Website content

We inspire your customers on your website, ensure the desired performance in online marketing and more leads. And we use storytelling to positively charge your brand.

SEO Content

We make sure that your content is listed on position 1 in Google. We structure your content so that it can conquer Google. And we use link magnets for sustainable link building.

Social Media Content

Which platform is the right one for your content and what content will you use to score points there? We help you to address your target group in the social networks and to bring them to your landing pages.

Need content for your online campaigns?

We develop strong online campaigns. We accompany you from the strategy to the idea to the content creation. Afterwards, we evaluate the success with powerful tools. This is how you achieve impressive success with your campaigns.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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"High-quality SEO texts with a noticeable added value for our website visitors - that's what we wanted and got from COCO.

We appreciate the ongoing cooperation on all levels: uncomplicated communication channels, expert knowledge and the usual good content. A clear recommendation!"

Irene Wallner, Senior Online Editor at carwow GmbH

Experience from projects with selected companies in numerous industries

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Frequently asked questions about content creation

Besides the basic content types like Texts and Pictures there are several other variations that can be used to make a content strategy more dynamic and engaging. These include, for example Videos, infographics and interactive elements for websites.

Content can be differentiated into the above categories. However, it is also possible to classify content according to the medium on which the content is played out. For example, there are Website and SEO content, social media content and blog posts.

The content creation for all these categories is very different. Therefore, it is not possible to speak of "the text" in general terms. This generalization falls short. Instead, the medium for which texts are optimized must be specified more precisely.

There is an endless array of different content types. Besides the obvious content types, such as texts and images, each of these categories has numerous different variants.

Texts are the basis of every website and even with social media the image descriptions are a central part of the strategy.

  • Website texts must be optimized both for the user and for search engines and therefore represent a special challenge. With the right content strategy, website texts can be perfectly aligned with the target group. Every company that operates a website needs website texts and must strategically align them to fit the target group.
  • Blogposts can complement the content of a website and are well suited to enrich the page with additional content on related topics of the company. They should be created and maintained regularly.
  • Social Media Texts are the central component of a social media post after the images. If your company operates social media channels, meaningful descriptions and the right choice of hashtags are part of the strategy.

Without Images nothing works. Just imagine a website without any images at all. Images lighten up the content, convey moods and help to understand texts. Whether on the web, on posters and flyers or on social media: Good images are eye-catchers and a must for every content strategy.

In addition to the content creation must-haves mentioned above, there are numerous other types of content. From videos to infographics, everything is conceivable. Of course, it depends on the target group which content is in the foreground and through which channels it is mainly published.

A content creation agency supports you not only in the development of the content strategy, but also in the implementation of the content. Besides search engine optimized texts and professional images, all other content types can be covered.

However, creating content is often just the tip of the iceberg. Because a content strategy must be optimally tailored to your company and your target group. That's why the services of a content creation agency often include content strategy.

It often happens that companies have already built websites with a lot of content. In this case, it may not be necessary to create entirely new content. Instead, existing content can be optimized. Especially with website content, this is often the case. Already created content should be optimized for search engines, because the page does not rank well enough.

Optimizing existing content requires much less effort than content creation. Nevertheless, new content can often complement the existing strategy well.

Whether you should hire an external agency depends primarily on your organizational structure. In many cases, it can be very advisable to get an external view and hand over services in the area of content creation to an agency.

There are three key reasons why a content creation agency is worthwhile.

Know-how and experience. Unless your core business happens to deal exclusively with content creation, your in-house knowledge of these topics is probably limited. A content creation agency brings experience and know-how that is of great value to you. That's why it's especially advisable to enlist external help from a content marketing agency when it comes to strategy development and professional content implementation.

Full focus. Developing and implementing a content marketing strategy is not a sideline task. If you don't have sufficient capacity internally for strategy development and implementation, then a content marketing agency is a must. Because content creation requires not only know-how and experience, but also a full focus on your topic.

Fresh wind. In addition to the advantage that an agency can take a lot of work off your hands, it is also able to look at your project from the outside. This is because operational blindness is an important issue when it comes to style and strategy. If you've been with a company for a long time, you don't have an outside perspective on strategy and the impact of content marketing efforts. For the realignment of your content creation strategy, it can therefore be useful to consult an external partner. Because an agency sees your company from a completely different perspective than you do.

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