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Why is it worth working with COCO as an SEO content agency?
Because we create content that is found and captivates your target group. That's what makes good SEO content marketing! Because only if users are interested and spend a long time on a website, they will become customers and the desired ranking goals will be achieved.
This is an interplay that we have already won for many companies. Do you also want to grab the first Google places with content relevant to your target group?

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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We basically distinguish between two types of SEO content: content that ranks and content that gets linked.

You want the content that is relevant to your potential customers to rank well. To do this, you've defined personas with your specific customer journey. And a corresponding Sales Funnel established. Not yet? No problem, we take this of your shoulders aswell.

In any case, you want to meet your customers where they are looking for your products and services. In case of doubt, on the first hit page of Google.

If you are active in a very top segment and perhaps even act as a market leader there, you will succeed in ranking high with simple SEO texts. For all others: You need additional high-quality backlinks.

The best way to achieve this is with high-quality content. We are talking about Link Magnets. These can be surveys, studies, expert interviews, infographics and the like. We create these for you and then promote them to suitable publishers and influencers. They use the content and link to your website. This increases your authority and all content moves to the top. Won.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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SEO texts about leasing and car purchase

Numerous texts optimized for Google on the topics of leasing, new cars and car purchase

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"High-quality SEO texts with a noticeable added value for our website visitors - that's what we wanted and got from COCO.

We appreciate the ongoing cooperation on all levels: uncomplicated communication channels, expert knowledge and the usual good content. A clear recommendation!"

Irene Wallner, Senior Online Editor at carwow GmbH

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Frequently asked questions about SEO content

The goal of SEO optimized content is a good rating from search engine crawlers. The biggest impact on this rating is the quality of the texts. But also the page structure, headings and images should be optimized for SEO.

If the technical page structure is in place, only the basic prerequisites for a good search engine ranking have been created. It is the texts that ultimately decide whether your website will rank on page 1 (or even number 1) in Google and Co.

Therefore, the central goal of SEO content creation is to optimize the texts for the search engines.

Wondering if padding existing content a bit with keywords is enough to rank better on Google? 

Our answer: yes and no, because it all depends on how your existing content is structured. Whether your content already fits thematically well to the target group and their needs and, above all, whether the amount of content is sufficient. There are some indicators that suggest that you need new SEO content (besides your already existing content).

Your texts have fewer words than the competition. For the analysis of your website we use the SEO tool Semrush. With this we can evaluate how many words your page contains for a certain keyword compared to the competition. As a rule, a page must contain at least 1,000 words to have a chance at the top positions on Google. If your content is too short, existing text can often still be utilized. This way, the effort is somewhat less than when creating completely new SEO content.

Your contents are outdated. There are many reasons for which content is out of date. If your brand and perhaps your offer are dynamically evolving, then the website needs to change as well. New content is also necessary if the website has not been adapted for several years. Because Google evaluates newer content positively and notices it when a website is not updated for a long time.

In principle, anyone who knows something about the subject of your business can write reasonably appealing texts. But when it comes to SEO, few people have the technical know-how to create the optimal content.

It is not enough to stuff a text with an arbitrary keyword and expect the page to rank with search engines. When creating SEO content, there are several points in favor of working with an external agency.

Technical expertise in SEO content marketing. An SEO agency is able to comprehensively analyze the status quo and develop an SEO content strategy based on the results.

Experience from numerous projects. An external agency has already worked with many other companies and in the best case has many years of experience in SEO. So the agency knows exactly which SEO content is optimal and which points fit perfectly for your company.

External view on your company. When adapting a strategy and creating new content, long-time internal employees often have the problem of operational blindness. To adapt content for customers and prospects, an external view is very valuable. After all, customers are also an external group and an agency can help your company to optimally adapt the SEO content to the users.

If you are thinking about having your SEO content created by an agency, this is often even cheaper than entrusting an internal employee with the task. After all, if you're not very familiar with creating SEO texts, optimizing a website takes significantly more time than an external partner. 

The services of an agency are generally charged on an hourly or daily basis. The effort involved depends on the scope of the website and the adjustments that need to be made. The strategic goals of your company also have an impact on the expense. 

For an extensive store with numerous products, the calculation is different than for a manageable company website. The costs for SEO content creation are therefore always individual. Flat-rate prices are not expedient in this case. Of course, we can provide a flat-rate quote if we know the scope of the project and your goals.

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: There are many starting points for making a text SEO-friendly. But often customers ask us the question if the texts are then not clunky and stuffed with keywords. In such a way that users come to the page via the good ranking, but leave it again immediately because of the content.

This is exactly what makes a good SEO content marketing agency. Because we are professionals in optimizing texts for search engines as well as for your target group. Therefore, at the beginning of each of our projects is a comprehensive SEO audit, in which we analyze your company and your target group exactly. This way, we can precisely address you in the subsequent SEO content creation.

We love good copy and could never be responsible for creating your content in a way that people perceive as awkward or clunky!

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