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Social Media Content requires, above all, perseverance and creativity.
We communicate for you on the platform where your target groups are. With the content that interests them. We research the content that is currently in demand. We place your messages in such an eye-catching and exciting way that your customers won't miss them. Using creative methods, we succeed in sustainably saving costs for ads.
As a social media marketing agency, we focus on high-quality content - in the form of text, images and videos.

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Which social media content types are successful?

One thing right up front: Company news along the lines of "Here's our great new product" or "We're now also at trade fair XY" interest practically no one in social media marketing.

This is where other content types are needed. The three most important are:

1. Entertainment

For most users, using social media is part of their daily entertainment. Whether on the subway, in bed, or on the toilet, funny content always works. Starting points here are memes, viral videos and current contests.

For companies, such content provides an opportunity to associate their own brand with positive feelings.

2. inspiration

Inspiring one's own customers around the use of products and services represents a great opportunity. Not only new customers are addressed in this way, but also existing customers are inspired to use further offers from the company.

Interesting facts for this are quickly found in a concentrated brainstorming session. Quotes from customers or from the company help. Special images and success stories are another method. For luxury brands, it is especially true that they can stage themselves as something desirable in social media marketing.

3. Knowledge transfer

Everyone wants to learn. For companies, however, it's not about showing how to fold a shirt the easiest (and quite surprisingly) way. The right social media content consists of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of products, studies from the industry, and especially answers to common questions.

Go through the answers to your users' questions in the sales funnel. There's bound to be something there that can be turned into interesting social posts.

As a social media marketing agency, we are repeatedly asked to promote current products in the social media channels as well. Therefore, a small exception to the introductory sentence: A promotion in conjunction with special offers can definitely work. In general, however, there is a whole range of content that is better off on the website than in a social media post. Testimonials and lead magnets are among them, for example.Translated with (free version)

As a Social Media- und Content Marketing Agency we create content for a holistic corporate strategy. Because the social media content must be linked to other content such as the Websitetexts and adapt other publications.

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What is social media marketing?

Simply put: Anyone who promotes their own company and products on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok is engaging in social media marketing. In addition to customers, other target groups, such as employees and journalists, can also be addressed in this way.

The social media strategy defines the target group and determines the goals. Social media marketing is often used to reach early adopters. In some industries (beauty, travel, etc.), social media marketing has become indispensable.

Influencers have an important role in social media marketing. They are often used to promote products. Depending on the number of followers and attractiveness of the profile, this can be very expensive. Alternatively, high-quality content and collaborations can be used to access the reach.

Social media marketing should always be designed for the long term. It is therefore good to consider on which platforms the company wants to be present. Orphaned profiles are counterproductive. Regular exciting posts ensure that a constantly growing community is created around the company.

Social media marketing has evolved greatly in recent years. In addition to young users, all age groups are now represented in social media

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media is more than just a trend. Facebook, Instagram and the like have become an integral part of digital communication. A presence in social media is a digital business card with which companies can reach their target group.

Social media offers numerous opportunities. Unique selling points can be emphasized, products and services can be communicated, and the company's external image can be improved.

Aesthetically appealing and authentic images are particularly well received. An honest picture of the company should be shown on social media. Here, the viewer can gain insights that go beyond ordinary corporate communication. On the one hand, this can increase brand awareness. On the other hand, (potential) employees, customers and stakeholders also get an accurate picture of the company.

The community of a social media presence is a good way to get in touch with interested parties directly. In addition to public posts, private conversations are also possible. Direct customer contact via social media is a positive experience for the addressee and remains in the memory.

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The most important social media platforms

Instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. With over 800 million users, Instagram is the most popular social platform for sharing photos and videos. So it's true: sharing visual content on Instagram, hashtag marketing and the use of sophisticated Instagram strategies can make a significant contribution to acquiring new customers online. In addition to ads that visually and haptically adapt to the visual world of Instagram, companies also create awareness for their brands via their own Instagram profiles. With the "Shop the Look" feature, Instagram offers e-commerce companies in particular the opportunity to link their products directly to landing pages and the most important information.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a very mature social media platform. Companies can present themselves there and use photos or videos to showcase their brand individually with suitable content. The type of communication is rather informal and enables individual community management. This promotes communication and customer loyalty between the company and its users. The Facebook algorithm is crucial for successful social media marketing. This has a significant influence on which posts and profiles attract attention and which do not.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is now not only very popular with private users. Many companies are also present on the social media platform. If you want to use TikTok for your company, you have to understand the concept of the platform. TikTok has some special features that distinguish it from other social networks.

TikTok focuses on the entertainment aspect. Informal posts get little coverage here and are often unwanted. In addition, only videos are uploaded that usually have a duration of a few seconds. Therefore, the social media platform is ideally suited for innovative and interesting products that can be staged there.

Which is the best social media platform?

There is no general answer to this question. Depending on the company, business model and customer structure, different platforms are suitable. TikTok and Instagram are ideal for young target groups, while Facebook is recommended for serious companies. 

If you're not sure which platforms to choose, we'll be happy to advise you. Our social media services include strategy consulting as well as the implementation of your campaign.

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