"Have you seen my new TikTok yet?"

At Social Media Marketing there is no time to rest. Because new technologies have changed the virtual advertising landscape overnight, influencing consumer behavior and creating new opportunities and challenges for companies.
TikTok also suddenly caused a sensation. With a comparatively simple concept, the app has reached millions of people around the world. Now the social network with its short videos also offers exciting opportunities for companies.
We as TikTok Marketing Agency are convinced that TikTok is a useful marketing method. Of course, only if the content fits your company and its values. With the right TikTok Marketing Strategy you can position yourself perfectly and gain a lot of attention. We'll show you how to reach your target audience with innovative TikTok marketing and land on the For You Page!

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"COCO managed to wow us after just one workshop with the first TikTok concept they presented to us: beautiful, creative, easy-to-implement idea - fits the brief perfectly."

How does TikTok Marketing work?

To understand this social media platform, you need an overview of how this app even works. The way it works provides the foundation for your TikTok Marketing Strategy is a key difference compared to other social media platforms. Here there is a central difference to other social media platforms. On TikTok, only Short videos as content forms as content forms are supported. This means that the network is completely designed for mobile use.The TikTok app focuses on recording, editing and sharing videos from 15 seconds to now 3 minutes. At the beginning of August 2018, the service previously known in Germany as "Musical.ly" merged with the Chinese video platform.

In Germany, TikTok is especially popular among young people. It offers the possibility to create and share creative videos.

These videos are short clips. Among other things, users can play their current favorite song, participate in a current challenge or upload a funny video. Numerous editing options result in small works of art. These are also gladly shared with other users for more feedback and influence.

The posts can then be liked, shared and commented on. Also uploading to other popular platforms such as. Instagram is possible. An initially high range on TikTok, can rapidly lead to a rapid increase in range.

This means that a video can go viral in no time and generate millions of views every hour. This is completely independent of the number of followers the account has. A single viral video can generate thousands of followers overnight.

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Your online marketing with TikTok?

To start with the TikTok strategy To go viral and generate reach, you can use multiple ad formats. The first option is free of charge. 

This requires a perfect interplay of a good concept with a storyboard for the video, a suitable sound, a great location and, if necessary, a simple but well-remembered hashtag. If you manage to combine these components perfectly, you have the chance to land on the "ForYou" page of many users. Since the interaction of different strategic steps is very special at TikTok, a comprehensive strategy development is at the beginning of every content creation.

Authentic content is especially needed here. Once you've created a creative video and you go viral with it, the final step is for your post to become a challenge, a trend, a hashtag, or a dance. Then your video may get several million clicks. That's kind of the holy grail of TikTok.

Also, there is a possibility to pay TikTok to display your ads. A very effective method are the "TikTok Hashtag Challenges". Here you buy what you would have had to work for in the normal way. The hashtag challenge is branded with effects and audio for your company and then broadcast on the Discover page in the form of a banner. The challenge is given a name by the hashtag, making it easier to find. This type of ad definitely brings the most response. However, the entry prices for this type of ad are very high. 

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Our steps for a successful TikTok marketing strategy:


Together we analyze the target group of your company. On this basis, we conduct the channel and competitive analysis. From the creation of a business TikTok account to the modification of the already existing account. We provide the perfect foundation for your TikTok marketing strategy.

Development strategy

What are our goals? More reach on social media or more attention for our product?

We approach the right TikTok concept with the appropriate goals personally and together.


A social media editorial plan helps you target and maintain content marketing across your social media channels. The plan serves to organize your tasks. It also helps to plan and target content for your social media services.

User Generated Content

Now comes the content creation and conception of the marketing campaign. The goal is to encourage the target group to record and post videos with your products or in connection with your service. The creation of your own community is the first priority here. 

Influencer Marketing

Likewise, we'll show you how to properly integrate TikTok Influencer Marketing. Benefit from the mix of reach, storytelling, role models and trust. On hardly any website are there public figures with so much reach. We bring your company together with the right TikTok creators.

Workshops and trainings

Good customer communication is very important to us. Therefore, regular meetings and calls are a must for the best possible handling. However, we also offer you knowledge-rich and detailed workshops and training courses on all aspects of social media. We will gladly issue you a certificate after the training.

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As a TikTok agency, we often receive the following questions:

Why is TikTok so important for social media marketing?

TikTok continues to fight its way up into the top marketing platforms for businesses year after year. Accordingly, creating a professional TikTok account and the necessary marketing structure is a great way to generate reach. The high reach and span of viewers that can be reached through TikTok should be used as effectively as possible. In addition, it is important to address many young people enterprise, as this ensures long-term success. This goal can be targeted particularly well with the help of TikTok. As Social Media and Online Marketing Agency we recommend setting up a TikTok channel if your company wants to increasingly address a young target group.

Why should I hire a TikTok marketing agency?

We as TikTok marketing agency help you to the perfect TikTok concept. Most of the time the impression of third parties on your company is crucial. So new views and possibilities are opened, which you as a part of the company usually do not perceive. Thus, new paths can be taken. Together with our team, we focus on all the individual building blocks of your TikTok concept, so that nothing stands in the way of your reach on TikTok.

How much does a TikTok agency cost?

The costs for a TikTok agency are generally charged on an hourly or daily basis. The total effort depends on the scope and the targeted goals of the company. It is therefore always individual. Lump-sum prices can never be appropriate for any project. However, we can of course provide a lump-sum offer if we know the scope and goals.

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