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More than 500 million active users "tweet" every day about what's going on in their lives right now. But the Microblogging platform is also perfect as a mouthpiece with strong reach in the field of social media marketing. How does it work? What you should keep in mind?
This platform differs from the competition such as Instagram and Facebook in that twitter increasingly focuses on Topicality sets. Instead of publishing tweets for likes, twitter offers the possibility to spread current news. The keyword is Real-time. Real-time news is a priority on this platform. In 2016, twitter introduced an algorithm that ranks the news feed according to relevance. Today, the user has the chance to choose between the Home Feed and the Latest Feed to switch back and forth.
The idea of the chronological news feed shows the strategic direction. Over the years we have learned a lot from our successful twitter marketing activity and help you with your Strategy.

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Twitter Marketing costs quite a bit of time. This means that you Several times a day should write and publish a tweet. (When writing a tweet, it's not necessarily helpful to use all 280 characters. The rule here is: sometimes less, is more. For example, an image with a nice infographic is often enough). What you should still keep in mind is that you should regularly posts and above all Responds quickly to DMs and comments. Especially if you use twitter as a channel for customer support. As Social Media and SEO Agency we develop tailor-made twitter marketing strategies for your company.

Create a company profile

With a complete, professional twitter profile you leave a direct impression on new followers. reputable impression. Every part of your profile should say something good about your brand. So it is important that your Profile name is a consistent name of your company in social media. Just as important as the username is the Profile picture. Use your company logo or wordmark here, as the profile picture will be seen next to each tweet. Last but not least there is the Coverwhich will be displayed on your profile page. Updating the cover image is a great way to attract new Promote campaigns. The twitter bio may contain a maximum of 160 characters. So a snazzy tagline is in order here. The last points to consider is the specification of a Location and the linking of your URL.

What do your followers want to see?

To serve the interests of your target group, four aspects are elementary: relevance, attention, interaction and variety. Your tweets become relevant when the content you publish is relevant, unique, informative and/or entertaining. If it fits within the content framework, you can also post an opinion. To keep your followers, you should give them enough Attention give. You should definitely respond to critical DMs or replies and answer them as soon as possible, because complaints have twitter Boom. You can also respond to praise. So it's important to stimulate conversations or discussions. That is the basic building block of twitter.

And what content should I post now?

Whether old or new followers, everyone wants to get in touch with you. Through the continuous items a relationship develops between the company and its customers. So publish a post with 280 characters every day? Yes and no. It's all in the mix! You should definitely post every day, even several times a day. However, a short video, a funny picture or a GIF is often a more exciting alternative and generates more resonance. Nevertheless, clarity must be ensured in the Content Creation be paid attention to. To encourage user interaction with your brand, it makes sense to scatter surveys or even the occasional Q&A session. Twitter also offers the possibility of social media advertising. As always, this is comparatively expensive and not necessarily necessary.


Twitter marketing lives from the Topicality. So if you now also want to get started on twitter, you should think about regular posts or an automatic mail service. What is clear is that Tempo and tonality is completely different than on Facebook, for example. For a good social media strategy, it is important to keep a close eye on the activities of your users and, if necessary, to optimize. The biggest mistake you can make is to neglect your account. Now it's up to you - are you ready to start tweeting or would you rather stay in the nest?
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