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Website content has developed dynamically in recent years.
Regular blogs, stories with infographics, video statements, landing pages for each product, e-learning offers, lead magnets, link magnets, product data for external stores, newsletters, podcasts and much more. But the most important part remains the content on your website.
We create all types of website content you need. We provide ongoing support and optimize your content. Matching your brand. Within your budget. Within the agreed timeframe.

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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We create website content in three fundamental ways:

Website texts

We like to write. To the point. Not too much for your users. Not too little for SEO. For all types of content. One time or month by month. Just as you need it.

Web design

We design your graphic content. In the form of icons, photos, graphics. With preference we take photos ourselves. Or search and edit suitable images for your communication.


We cooperate with excellent film producers and cameramen. Videos are gaining more and more importance. We produce everything from 3-second films to image films.

What does it take for first-class website content?

In order to create first-class website content, you need above all Content writers with industry experience. They combine the tone, style and content of each industry with proven content marketing strategies. Our common client industries include B2B, services, finance, retail, real estate, industrial, pharmaceutical, startups, technology, tourism and many more. This allows you to address different target groups, achieve commercial success and meet your deadlines.

We take a lot of time to use the best professionals with exemplary copywriting skills. Our copywriters are also happy to conduct interviews with your stakeholders upon request to learn more about your industry, company, product, service and value proposition. With the experience of supporting over 300 companies in the past years, we bring exactly the necessary know-how for your project.

We create Blog posts, email texts, landing page texts, whitepapers and eBooks - our web copy spans the full range of digital content. We create sales funnel content that drives leads and converts leads into customers. And we create copy that increases brand awareness and improves search engine visibility.

In addition to the texts, it also needs first-class graphic designers and Movieproducers. Creating infographics requires specific know-how. Good photography and first-class videos can't be produced with a smartphone - even if an amazing amount is possible. For quick social posts, that can be absolutely sufficient. For a professional statement of the CEO, which can be seen on the website over a longer period of time, certainly not. And good photos are a plus for any website that should not be underestimated.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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"We commissioned COCO to draft all the texts for three newly established companies. From workshops with our managing directors, to complete copywriting, to coordination with other agencies, all tasks were completed quickly and to the highest quality. We can recommend COCO all around."

Lea Lippmann, Teamlead Marketing at PlanetHome Group

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We also write your texts for the following website content types:

Website relaunch

We help you with the optimal design and implementation of your new website. Navigation, structure, all kinds of content. In close coordination with all parties involved.


We optimize your landing pages and lead your users directly to the call-to-action. B2B and B2C. We convince your customers with a sales approach. With the use of A/B tests we optimize continuously.

Newsletter Marketing

We create your regular newsletters. Exciting titles ensure good open rates. Interesting content for clicks to your website. For customer loyalty unchanged an essential tool.

Blog & Podcast

Most B2B and B2C content marketers agree: blog content is the most effective content marketing method for building brand awareness.

The difference between good content and great content is a team of great writers armed with analytics data. We can deliver short blog posts with appropriate photos and infographics. Or we can create long story content that speaks even more to your brand. Either way, the content we create is excellently researched, excellently written, and optimized to meet search intent and grow your online presence.

With a podcast, you show that your company has its finger on the pulse. The distribution is constantly increasing. A podcast is an effective tool to attract new users in the long term and to retain loyal customers to your company.

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Content Marketing Strategy

How do you inspire customers on your website, ensure the desired performance in online marketing and more leads? And how do you use storytelling in content marketing?

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Frequently asked questions about website content

On websites, many other types of content are conceivable in addition to text and images.

There are different types of Texts. Besides the normal pagetextswhich form the basis of the website content, are also, for example, Blogposts possible. Aswell as Whitepaper and eBookswich can be loaded via the website, count for this.

Aswell as Images can be divided into different categories. Besides images we at COCO create for your website also meaningful Infographicsthat make it easier for the reader to understand your texts.

Aswell as Videos of any kind can be integrated into a website. They complement existing content and can introduce your company and tell your story (image video), or explain your products (help content).

One type of website content that is not as commonly used as the ones mentioned so far is the Podcast. Here you can share internal knowledge with the audience. They also reach people who may not have time to read your entire website. This part of your target audience gets the opportunity to learn more about you. on the train, in the car or while playing sports. Therefore, the podcast is a special way to reach your target audience in different ways than usual.

Aswell as E-Learning offers can be used as website content. For example, you can integrate the learning of a software via your website and thus accompany your customers even after they have purchased your solution.

The basis of your website content is the text.

Depending on how your site structure looks like, you will need different types of website texts. Below we have compiled a list of the most important types of website texts.

Sitetexts They form the basis of the website and a successful SEO strategy. To build your website, you need meaningful texts and a good understanding of your target audience.

Blogposts This type of text is a great addition to the page texts. In blog posts, you can cover current topics that no longer find a place on the other pages of your website.

Infoboxes This content stands out from the rest of the page and helps highlight the most important elements of the text. Info boxes can make important information stand out or summarize long texts. They help the reader to grasp and understand the content of the page faster.

Headings and subheadings. They should prepare the reader for what is to come, structure the text and loosen it up. Headings are a matter of course. And subheadings are almost more important than a suitable title. They help the reader to briefly skim the text and understand its structure. This gives them a first impression of the content of the page.

However, besides texts, graphic elements such as photos and illustrations are a must-have for your website.

Images Appealing photos of your products, your employees and other relevant business-related activities bring users closer to your company. Because images don't just convey the pixels they're made of. They send whole moments, emotions and give the viewer insights into your work.

Illustrations If you want to present complex facts or figures, graphics and illustrations should be your means of choice. After all, no one wants to read a text about sales growth when they can also view the same information in a clear graphic.

In blog articles you can demonstrate your know-how and score points with Google at the same time.

If you have in-depth internal knowledge of your company's subject area, show that to the outside world with regular blog posts. Through these posts, you can also build valuable internal links and thus bring your most important pages to the front in Google.


It makes a big difference, both technically and stylistically, whether texts are optimized for print products such as flyers or brochures, or whether they are to be used on the web. On the web, some points must be taken into account when creating texts that are irrelevant for print products.

SEO Optimization is very important in the development of website content. For any other text, it is completely irrelevant, because SEO optimization aims at high rankings in Google and Co. and is therefore only important on the web. For website content, it is therefore crucial that it is designed in a way that is appealing to both users and search engines.

Impatient Users are a real hurdle for texts on the web. Here, most content is only skimmed and it's especially hard to keep users engaged for a long time. There are some tips on how readers still read the entire content of the text. First, the title and the first sentences are crucial. After that, the text structure must also be right. Too long paragraphs without subheadings and images scare most readers away again immediately.


The optimization of images on the web differs significantly from printed images. This is because photos with the highest possible resolution are used for print products. This high image quality would lead to long loading times on the web and is therefore not advisable. Instead, images are compressed as much as possible here.

At COCO, we generally recommend backing up every action with a strategy. After all, if your website evolves dynamically over time, you should still keep track of it.

That's why working out a content strategy is always a good place to start. Not only when creating a new website. Also when relaunching a website or if only some content needs to be adapted.

With the content strategy, you always know what to do next and can track the impact of the actions afterwards.

Actually, anyone can write texts!
And photos can be taken quickly with your phone!

And for SEO, just slap some keywords in the headline and text!

It is not quite that simple. Unfortunately.

Creating high-quality website content is not easy. But apart from that, there are a few more reasons to have your content created by an external partner.

Technical and stylistic know-how. A content agency can help you develop a content strategy and an SEO strategy based on it, based on your company and your target group. This is because the agency specializes in these areas and has valuable expertise. When it comes to the subsequent implementation of your website content, you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

Many years of experience. When you work with an external agency, you benefit from experience gained from numerous customer projects in the field of content marketing. The more other projects the agency has already managed, the more likely it is that your project will be a success. This is because the agency knows exactly which website content is perfect for you and your target group.

View from the outside. An external view of your company is very valuable in such a project. When creating new content for the website, operational blindness plays a big role among long-time employees. They are often unable to see errors and inefficiencies in the structure and existing texts. To create content for customers and prospects (who are, after all, external groups), an outside view is very valuable.

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