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to publish really successful content. Yes, even if you're good with words yourself. As text experts, we analyze the language tonality of companies as well as the greatest needs of your target group. We dive into thematic worlds, build meaningful structures and wordy eye-catchers. At the same time, we take into account that content such as the "About Us" page, unlike blog articles, must have a timeless yet exciting character.
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How do we write first-class website texts?

There are a number of objectives when writing website copy.

  • Winning leads
  • Communicate the brand characteristics
  • A high ranking in search engines

The most important thing of all in online copywriting: your website visitors, who will hopefully soon become your customers, employees and partners, should be delighted. And as quickly as possible. Because most visitors spend only a few seconds on a website before making a decision: Stay or go?

So what to look for when creating text on the web?

Getting to know the target group

We need to know who we are writing for. Personas are a proven means of approximating the characteristics and needs of different user groups. Their questions along the customer journey are a good orientation for the alignment of the text content.

Brand consideration

What is the image of your company? Which brand characteristics are to be communicated? The rational and emotional reasons for using the brand create a unique selling proposition. Ideally, this is demonstrated in everyday life. We refer to this as proof of credibility. This provides a guideline when writing the texts. Likewise, the appropriate tonality is defined in this context. Form of address or form of address? Gendering? Technical language or layman's language?

SEO guidelines

Every single page should have an individual SEO alignment. The resulting specifications for titles, headings and keywords must be taken into account. Sometimes there is a conflict of goals here between concise short texts that can be quickly grasped by the user and longer texts that Google likes. But this can also be solved.

SEO is so important because you need to address not only (potential) customers on your website. The texts should also be optimized for Google and Co. Only if you convince the search engines with your website texts, your page can rank. And only then you will be found by Google.

Content Strategy

All of the above points and the company's goals lead to the content strategy. This is where the guard rails for the project are defined. This results in interim goals for the individual pages.


And then, finally, we write. A whole range of basic writing techniques are important here. Short, concise sentences. Use subheadings. Explain or omit technical abbreviations. Active phrasing. Consistent use of words. etc.

On websites, texts have a goal. In the end, it must be clear to the user what you want from him. The call-to-action (CTA) shows him what you want in a concise and inviting way.

With industry-experienced content writers who have mastered tone, style and content, we make sure you can count on great copy. That's how you appeal to your target audience and achieve commercial success.

SEO texts about leasing and car purchase

Numerous texts optimized for Google on the topics of leasing, new cars and car purchase

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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We also write your texts for the following website content types:

Website relaunch

We help you with the optimal design and implementation of your new website. Navigation, structure, all kinds of content. In close coordination with all parties involved.


We optimize your landing pages and lead your users directly to the call-to-action. B2B and B2C. We convince your customers with a sales approach. With the use of A/B tests we optimize continuously.

Newsletter Marketing

We create your regular newsletters. Exciting titles ensure good open rates. Interesting content for clicks to your website. For customer loyalty unchanged an essential tool.

Experience from projects with selected companies in numerous industries

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"High-quality SEO texts with a noticeable added value for our website visitors - that's what we wanted and got from COCO.

We appreciate the ongoing cooperation on all levels: uncomplicated communication channels, expert knowledge and the usual good content. A clear recommendation!"

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Frequently asked questions about website texts

There are different types of texts that can be used on a website. We have compiled a list of the most important types for you below. You don't always need all of these elements, but often a wide variation of content is recommended. This will break up the structure of a website.

Page texts as basis

Online page texts are the kind of content that everyone immediately thinks of when they hear the keyword "website texts". This is because they form the basis of website content and lay the foundation for a successful SEO strategy. To build a website, you need meaningful texts and a good understanding of the target audience. Page texts are the must-have of every website.

Blog posts for long-term activity

Blog articles are a good addition to the page texts. They can deal with current issues that no longer find a place on the main page of the company. Moreover, they are updated regularly. This shows Google that the website is still active and constantly updated.

Infoboxes to loosen up

Info boxes are a subcategory of page texts. They highlight important information or summarize longer texts. They are an important means of breaking up texts. This helps the reader to quickly grasp the content of the page.

Headings and subheadings for structuring

Headings are especially relevant for search engine optimization on the web. Apart from that, there is no question anyway that every website needs concise headlines.

Subheadings are at least as important as a suitable title. They structure a long text and help the reader to quickly grasp the topic and structure of the website text. This way, a first impression can already be formed when skimming the headlines.

Call to Action for leads

CtA are often underestimated as website texts. Mostly they are just short half sentences like "Make an appointment now" or "You have a question? Get in touch." But even though these sentences don't sound like a lot of work, it's important to use them purposefully. Word choice and position on the page must be adapted to the topic and the target group.

Basically, it is not difficult to write reasonably appealing texts with a little knowledge about your company. But there are some points in style and text structure that require special knowledge. Especially in the field of SEO, most people do not have the technical know-how to create website texts optimally.

When it comes to content creation, there are therefore a few points in favor of having your website copy written.

Technical know-how in the field of website texts

A content marketing agency is able to develop a content and SEO strategy based on your business. Because the agency has specialized in exactly these areas and has valuable expertise.

Many years of experience from customer projects

An external agency has often been in the content marketing business for years. It has worked with many other companies. So the agency knows exactly which website content is perfect for you.

External view of your company

Long-standing internal employees often suffer from operational blindness. When it comes to creating content for customers and prospects, an outside perspective is very valuable. This allows them to better respond to your customers and to analyze and adapt your strategy without reservations.

You can have your texts created reliably by an external agency.

It makes a big difference whether you create texts for print products or for your website. Because on the web, some points have to be taken into account that are irrelevant for print products.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most important point in the strategy for website texts. For any other type of texts it is completely irrelevant. Because SEO optimization aims at high rankings in search engines. There are numerous stylistic adjusting screws that are used in search engine optimization. This is how we make the texts appealing to Google (and, of course, the target audience).

Impatient Users

Users are another differentiator between print and online texts. On the web, many texts are only skimmed. That's why it's particularly difficult to get users to read on. For example, the first sentences of a text must be particularly meaningful. In addition, the structure must be broken up by many images and different content elements, and paragraphs must not be too long.

Responsive Websites

Different device sizes make it difficult to create text on the web. This is because the design of the website is displayed differently to each user and text breaks cannot be controlled. This problem occurs especially with headlines or texts with large font sizes.

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