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Multilingual content and international SEO

The world was blown away by the very first success of an AI. A computer won against the reigning world chess champion in 1997. People were stunned that software was able to overtake this ingenious mind. The fact is, programs are more efficient and usually even have a recipe for all eventualities up their sleeve. Chat GBT puts our g...

Who needs SEO? - SEO benefits for companies of any size

From the one-person side-hustle to the multinational corporation, all kinds of companies are bustling around the web. Does each need SEO? We shed light on this with the experience of over 800 digital projects. How important is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is about being found by Google for relevant search terms (keywords) and...

Everything you need to know about long-tail keywords

In the daily routine of an SEO agency, you quickly become a long-tail keyword tamer. Here you can find out what long-tail keywords are, why your company needs them and where you can find them. What are long-tail keywords Keywords are search terms or search phrases, such as those entered on Google. Longtail keywords, on the other hand, are search ques...

Are AI and ChatGPT the end of content marketing agencies?

There is probably no topic in content marketing that has received as much attention in recent years as ChatGPT. The free tool based on OpenAI is just the tip of the spear of tools that generate content with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). We ask ourselves what significance this has for content strategy and whether...

The five most important content marketing trends in 2023

Looking ahead to the coming year, it is clear that a number of content marketing trends will be key to marketing success in 2023. Ad budgets will be cut. Especially offline. There is also a shift online from ads to organic success. Even if it takes a little longer, the medium- to long-term...

Communicating trustworthily in times of crisis

Climate, Corona, war - and now inflation and economic crisis. Times are uncertain. What has been tried and tested for a long time no longer works. This makes it all the more important for companies to prove their trustworthiness and communicate clearly. What do they need to pay special attention to? With our trust building blocks method, we show a series of...

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