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Flexing with good content marketing - how to reach Generation Z

They are lazy, addicted to the Internet and make far too many demands at work - we are talking about the young Generation Z (Gen Z for short). The first generation to be born into the digital world and to grow up with smartphones. As a consumer group, today's 12- to 26-year-olds make up a third of the world's population and are [...]

7 tips for trustworthy SEO text writing

As an SEO agency (Munich), we are interested in whether trust building blocks can also be usefully integrated into search engine optimization. What possibilities are there to use trust-inspiring words in the SERPs? What should you pay attention to when writing SEO texts? Why does trust marketing make sense in SEO? The trust building blocks are e...

Does a content (marketing) agency make sense for the new website?

A new website is planned. There are a few things to consider. What can be done in-house? Where do you need external support? And would it be better to get it from a full-service provider or from specialists? And all of this, of course, as quickly as possible, in top quality and at a good price. What services are needed for the new website? A [...

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