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Storytelling in content marketing: This is the royal road to let your brand, your company and outstanding products shine.
With a memorable message for your brand, you connect it with your customers. You also stand out from your competitors. We work with you to develop the most compelling message so your company and products stand out. We describe your Brand core with the most important features. When you tell stories (keyword: hero's journey), your company captivates users and binds them emotionally to your brand.
We develop the storytelling for your website with you. We show your customers how you got to success and what it means for you and your customers.

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Storytelling elements in content marketing

You want to be remembered? Use storytelling!
There are various methods in storytelling. What they all have in common is that the story of a company, a brand, a person or a product is told. The most important element is therefore the language. It doesn't matter whether the story ultimately appears on the website in form of text. This method works just as well as a film. It could also be used as the basis for a comic strip. Or run in the form of a 10-second video on TikTok. At the beginning there is always the summary of the story in form of a text.

We write down your Stories This always consists of several parts. We research these partial stories. We are happy to interview the people involved from your company. This creates a Text or even a script for the ultimate implementation of the storytelling method on your website.

Good pictures, graphics and videos always play an important role in content marketing - especially in storytelling, they are an essential method for conveying the values of your brand. We are experienced in briefing photographers and film producers. Our script writers know how to write texts that are well suited for a voiceover or a reading by a live presenter.

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The hero's journey as a storytelling method

The most famous method in storytelling is the hero's journey. It was originally developed by Joseph Campbell. Today, this script serves as a template for an endless number of Hollywood movies, such as Star Wars, Pretty Woman, Lord of the Rings and many more.

But what does the hero's journey have to do with your business?

It's about telling the story of your company, the company's founder, or even individual products in a way that appeals to and convinces customers. The sequence of steps comes in different variations. Essentially it is:

1. The initial situation (rational and emotional)

2. The departure (alone, in a team, with a mentor)

3. Hurdles and how they were overcome (different variants)

4. The goal (again rational and emotional)

This structure can be used to tell an infinite number of stories from your company. We have experience in applying this method in specific company situations and in many industries. The size of the company is completely unimportant. The method works just as well for the sole proprietor as for the DAX company. There is never a lack of content. It is only a matter of putting it into the right form. This is how we convince your customers.


"I am very satisfied with the trustful cooperation with COCO at all times. The personal attention and responsibility they have taken for all components of our projects allows us to clearly position our companies in terms of content."

Kerstin Gibis, Project Manager Online Communications at Baader & Heins Capital Management AG

Frequently asked questions about storytelling


Even if it's just a little bit.

You don't have to present every little shred of your story on the Internet to tell a good story. If you go about it the right way, just a few elements will suffice. For example, an exciting "About Us" section on your website or an engaging image video about your company.


A good Story is emotional and authentic. Because users want to gain personal insights into your company. That's why it's important to strike the right tone when communicating your story.

A good story is always based on the company's target audience. Which parts of the company's history are interesting for the target group? And which are less significant? All this must be determined in advance in order to address the users in a targeted manner and to inspire them about your company.

A good story inspires. People who read your story should tell their friends what they read about your company. "Did you actually know that Company XY has been completely climate neutral for years?" or "I read that Company XY was founded back in 1870. Isn't it incredible that they're still around?".

A good story creates trust. The longer your company has been around, the more basic trust customers have in you. This is because experience is always an important argument. If you can convey your knowledge and experience in your story, you create trust with your customers.

The hero's journey is our approach for telling corporate stories. From the initial situation and a problem, through the beginnings of the company and the hurdles taken, to the present day, your company story can be told like the journey of a novel hero.

Depending on the phase, content must be communicated differently. Whether emotional or factual, the goal is always to inspire the customer about your company and your vision. Because your values and future goals are also part of holistic storytelling.

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