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More reach, leads, trust or sales - behind noticeable success is usually a content strategy agency. Do you already know what your next goals are? Great. You have a rough idea? Also great, then we'll shape it together. Because before we get to the content, we face the why. That's how we bring together the needs of companies and customers. No matter if you want brand awareness or rankings on the first Google page: We are your content strategy agency from Munich with years of experience, coconut-ripe ideas and cross-industry concept experts.

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The role of the content marketing strategy

For us as a content strategy agency, the content marketing strategy is the heart of your digital activities.

Design and layout have become increasingly comparable in recent years. Standards have been established here wich you can hardly get around. The same applies to programming. With WordPress, there is a almost-standard for many websites. All other systems, such as Typo3 or Drupal, with which we have also often worked, each have a worldwide market share of less than 3%. What does it come down to then?

The contents decide. With texts, photos, and videos, you can significantly set yourself apart from your competitors. With your content you show your identity, charge your brand, turn users into customers and customers into fans.

With over 800 projects experience in project management for small, medium and large companies as well as the learnings from four own startups, we know how it works. Let's define your individual content marketing strategy together.

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"We commissioned COCO to draft all the texts for three newly established companies. From workshops with our managing directors, to complete copywriting, to coordination with other agencies, all tasks were completed quickly and to the highest quality. We can recommend COCO all around."

Lea Lippmann, Teamlead Marketing at PlanetHome Group


We have implemented over 800 digital projects for more than 300 clients. 

We often had the responsibility as content strategy agency for all of the website content and the entire content marketing strategy. The goal of our work is always to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

We have spun off several startups. In the process, we significantly increased traffic and customer numbers over longer periods of time. The Startups were successfully sold.

So we know how to do it.

Basically, we start every project with a Kick Off Workshop. This is the basis for the development of the content strategy. We look at the most important personas of your target groups. And analyze the customer journey together with you. How does your brand present itself and how do your sales channels work are other important questions that we discuss with you in the content workshop. Based on your previous data, an analysis of your competitive environment and with the help of benchmarks, we develop the right content marketing strategy. This will be perfectly tailored to you and your goals.

After that we all know what to do.

Goals are important. What matters is the sustainable success of your online marketing. Where possible, we like to work with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the results of your content marketing activities. 

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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To get the best results from your content strategy, the individual elements need to mesh:

Data analysis & SEO

A sound data analysis and technical optimization of your website is the necessary basis for all content-related measures within your content strategy.

Sales Funnel Contents

Based on a content audit of all existing content, we create the specific content for the questions and challenges of your target audience. Real added value guarantees higher probabilities for ranking in SERPs.

Link building content

Based on the trends in your industry and after careful keyword research, we create emotional stories and attractive content. The optimal presentation motivates journalists and influencers to link.

Online PR

For each of our clients, we create a custom selection of top social media publishers and influencers. The high quality links provide authority and pay off on brand awareness.

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Positioning, website and film production

Perception as a modern service provider in a rapidly changing industry; new website and image film

Content strategy for human resources

Finding the best employees and convincing them to join the company is the core task of every company.

No one can do without employer branding. We create tailored messages to successfully address new applicants. In addition to text and photos, we like to use short films from the company and interviews with employees.

Approaching candidates through the social channels that are right for your company is another important and very effective communication channel.

The content strategy contains many methods. In order to provide more clarity, we have created separate pages on the most important related areas for your information. The following terms are closely related to your content marketing strategy:

Performance Marketing

You want direct feedback on your digital activities? Measure what each individual action has brought? Perhaps you have experience with direct marketing campaigns?

Online marketing

This is where everything you do online in marketing comes together. Organic and paid. SEO and SEA. Onpage and Offpage. Newsletter. Social. Where does content marketing stand here?

Employer Branding

Are you looking for new employees? Then build your employer branding strategy with us as your employer branding agency. For more suitable applications.

Why is COCO your content strategy agency?

A good content strategy has a particularly high value in times of online marketing and search engine optimization. That's why our content strategy agency specializes in high-quality content creation. Whether you need content for your website, for social media, or for email campaigns, COCO is there for you throughout Germany. We offer a wide range of services in the field of content marketing. In this way, we can respond precisely to your company and take your individual wishes into account.

We accompany you on your way from milestone to milestone. Depending on your goals, we'll develop a content marketing strategy that fits you perfectly. That way, we'll make sure you reach your goals safely and quickly. Regardless of whether it's getting more visitors to your website or optimizing conversion on website and landing pages. We are your contact for a successful content strategy.

Contact us and we'll talk about your perfect content strategy.

Frequently asked questions about content strategy agency

The content marketing strategy defines the best possible actions to achieve the desired goals on your digital channels: Website, landing pages, podcast and blog.

The content strategy is based on the overarching marketing strategy and complements it. The content strategy is largely determined by the target group and its needs.

The appropriate content marketing strategy defines the means by which the defined goals are to be achieved. It forms the framework for implementing your strategy. Because regardless of the size of the company, the variation of content types and measures can quickly become confusing.

Therefore, the central tasks and their implementation should be recorded in the content marketing strategy. This way, you can orient yourself to the strategy and the action steps and know where you stand at any time.

There are several points in favor of comprehensive strategy development in collaboration with a content marketing agency.

Know-how and experience. If your core businesses don't happen to be content and SEO strategies, then your in-house expertise on these topics is most likely limited. A content marketing agency brings experience and knowledge that is valuable to you. That's why it's recommended to seek external help from a content marketing agency, especially when it comes to strategy development.

Full focus. Developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy is not a sideline task. If you don't have extensive in-house capacity for strategy development and implementation, then a content marketing agency is a must. Because a project like this requires know-how and experience as well as full focus on your topic.

Fresh wind. Who does not know it, the operational blindness. If you've been working in a company for a long time, you don't have an external view of the strategy and the external impact. For the realignment of your content strategy, it can therefore be useful to consult an external partner. Because an agency sees your company from a completely different perspective than you do yourself.

The basis of the content marketing strategy varies depending on the company's orientation. Accordingly, a brand that sells products primarily through social media will have a different content marketing strategy than a software company. However, there are some components that almost every content strategy includes.

Target group: The entire content strategy revolves around your customers and their needs. After all, it is the customers and prospects who are to be addressed with the help of the content marketing strategy. That's why the first key component of a content strategy is developing personas. They are the key to a successful strategy and must be taken into account in all subsequent steps.

Brand essence: The individual orientation of your brand is at the center of the content marketing strategy, along with the wishes of the customer. What does your brand embody? Where do you want to go and what are your values? All of these questions need to be answered in advance of strategy development. Because they form the basis for your content strategy.

Search Engine Optimization: Often the central lever for improving the crucial KPIs is the website. After all, this is where customers buy your products and make contact with your company. That's why one of the most important goals of the content marketing strategy is to optimize the company website for search engines. The better a page ranks, the more customers will find the company.

Website optimization: Of course, the website does not have to be optimized exclusively for Google and Co. Users also need to feel comfortable and enjoy spending time on the site in order to become customers in the best case. Therefore, the website content strategy is essentially based on your customers and their needs.

Yes, you can make money with content. If you win so many customers for every euro invested in content marketing that you earn two euros in profit.

And yes, you can save, too. If your content marketing sustainably brings more customers than the same investment in Google Ads and other advertising options.

Because money invested in content marketing can have a lasting effect.

A content strategy agency defines all aspects of content creation together with the customer. In the digital environment, the content strategy includes at least the areas of website, landing pages, blog, newsletter and social media. Other areas include employer branding, content for trade fairs and events, or podcasts. In principle, both the brand with its characteristics and the needs of customers and SEO must always be taken into account.

The content strategy agency helps you to define meaningful goals for content creation, to set up controlling and to organize the implementation as efficiently as possible, both in-house and with external help.

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