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The SEO Strategy defines the best possible measures to achieve your desired goals for your search engine optimization. This primarily concerns your Google ranking, internationally also other search engines like Baidu.
Which keywords are the right ones? What is your target group looking for anyway?
Which keywords are used to find your competitors?
What content do you need for this? How does it need to be structured?
And how does your link building work? By chance or with the use of strong link magnets?
With your individual SEO strategy you prepare your SEO relaunch and continuously optimize your results.

Martin Bauer Managing Director of COCO

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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We offer comprehensive SEO services. The SEO strategy consulting usually starts in a kick off workshop for the project. This is followed by SEO analysis & audit, keyword research & optimization, technical SEO, link building and online PR.

Because SEO never works overnight, it is important that we become clear about the SEO strategy together. Which goals are being pursued?, What is feasible in which time frame?, How is your budget invested most efficiently?, How do you want to track the results? are questions that we answer with you as part of the SEO strategy.

Are you internationally oriented? We align the SEO strategy exactly to your target groups. We differentiate between languages and countries. And select the appropriate keywords with the strongest search volume for each region and language.

Link magnets as performance booster of the SEO strategy

Backlinks are elementarily important for the sustainable success of your SEO strategy. We rely on the use of link magnets. These are qualitative contents (studies, surveys, expert interviews, ...). These are so attractive that they can be pitched to high-quality publishers and suitable influencers. And once things get going, they magnetically attract further links. This results in a sustained increase in the authority of your website. All keywords automatically rank better. 

seo strategy link magnets

Our results speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is the increase in visibility in Google, the better ranking of your keywords, the collection of valuable backlinks and social shares, and the increased traffic to your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads.

Your SEO Relaunch

Are you planning a website relaunch that should be accompanied by the optimal SEO strategy? Or would you simply like to implement an SEO relaunch based on the existing content?

We provide you with comprehensive support.

  • Ensuring status quo
  • Setting new goals
  • Stakeholder management
  • Editorial plan for necessary new content
  • Development of content clusters with pillar pages
  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Potential analysis and competitive analysis
  • Recommendations for implementation in your CMS
  • Coordination with other agencies, freelancers and involved in-house departments

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency Munich

Martin Bauer
Managing Director
+49 89 45099350

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Content marketing for three startups

Development of all website content incl. SEO for three newly founded startups.

RE8, VIV and NYM as new competence leaders in the real estate market

seo agency munich -viv
Nym Website Mockup - Reference COCO Content Marketing Agency Munich

SEO strategy components

To achieve the best results with your SEO strategy, the individual elements must mesh.

Data analysis & SEO

A sound data evaluation and technical optimization of your website is the necessary basis for all content-related measures within your SEO strategy.

Sales Funnel Contents

Based on an SEO audit of all existing content, we create the specific content for the questions and challenges of your target group. Real added value guarantees higher probabilities for ranking in SERPs.

Link building content

Based on the trends in your industry and after careful keyword research, we create emotional stories and attractive content as link magnets. The optimal presentation motivates journalists and influencers to link.

Online PR

We create a custom selection of top publishers, online magazines, trade journals, blogs and social media influencers. The high quality links provide authority and pay off on brand awareness.

SEO Agency Munich Reference Dassault Systemes

"For me, there are 3 factors that make an outstanding agency: Trust, competence and good communication.

Martin and his team were convincing in all areas right from the start. We have not regretted for a second that we chose COCO to tackle the topic of SEO at Dassault Systèmes.

What I particularly appreciated: Cooperation at eye level, a high degree of reliability, flexibility and the constant overview of the big picture. And we never lost our sense of fun in the process."

Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

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SEO Content

We ensure that your content is listed at number 1 in Google. We structure your content so that it can conquer Google. And we use link magnets for sustainable link building.

SEO & Distribution

Increase your website rankings and organic traffic by benefiting from the knowledge of our SEO specialists. Based on an SEO audit, we advise you. The goal: rankings on the first page. You want links from well-known publications? We strengthen your PR with our established relationships with publishers and influencers.

Why is COCO YOUR SEO strategy agency?

The basis of a successful website is content. This convinces visitors to stay and optimally to buy a product or service. However, this content must not only please the readers, Google also plays an important role. The search engine evaluates the content of a website according to different criteria. The evaluation by the Google algorithm is decisive for the number of visitors to your website.

As an SEO strategy agency, we specialize in optimizing your website content for search engines and readers alike. We develop a custom-fit SEO strategy for your company. Whether it is a new website or an SEO relaunch, we are there for you throughout Germany. We plan and create high-quality, SEO optimized content for you. Our range of services goes beyond the development of the SEO strategy and we are happy to implement it for you afterwards. We work intensively into your company and your individual requirements. This way we develop the perfect SEO strategy for you.

Search engine optimization is often about numerous small changes. The results can be measured well through relevant KPIs and adapted to individual company goals. Regardless of whether you just want to increase your traffic or if you are aiming for a specific ranking on Google. We are your contact for a successful SEO strategy.

Contact us and we'll talk about your perfect SEO strategy.

Frequently asked questions about SEO strategy and SEO relaunch

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization

SEO thus includes all measures that help to optimize a website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Baidu.

The goal of SEO is to be displayed as high as possible in the search results for relevant keywords. This way, more visibility and more traffic can be generated for the website.

The SEO strategy defines the best possible measures to achieve the desired search engine optimization goals. It includes technical SEO as well as content adjustments. It is individual for each company and is adapted to company goals and target group structure.

Technical SEO Strategy Here the page structure and other technical components of the website are optimized for SEO. An important part of technical SEO is load time optimization. Through code optimization and other technical measures, the speed of the website is increased.

Content SEO Strategy: This part of the SEO strategy deals with the correct use of website texts. The definition of the appropriate keywords and their distribution on the pages of the website are the first step of content SEO. This is followed by the adaptation or rewriting of the texts based on these keywords.

The SEO strategy is based on the overarching content and marketing strategies and complements them. It is largely determined by the target group and its needs.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Here, a website is optimized for the Google algorithm with the help of technical and content improvements. Thus, the page ranks on Google for the relevant keywords and generates more organic traffic. 

The methods of SEO strategy do not require direct advertising but bring the user to the company just by optimizing the website. Thus, only users who have actively searched for the keywords in which the respective ranking page specializes are addressed. Thus, users usually find exactly what they were looking for.

This type of search engine strategy is more long-term oriented. Because changes to the website often take a few months and are not always immediately recognized by Google as a ranking factor. For this, the strategy is optimal for long-term success with the website. A website that is optimized for Google with a good SEO strategy is automatically more appealing to users. Because the SEO strategy is always based on the target group of the company.

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising (search engine marketing)

The SEA strategy directly uses financial resources to buy clicks and views. The money flows to Google and in return the search engine places the website at the top of the search results for relevant keywords. Results generated in this way are marked by the search engine with the term "ad" or "ad" and can thus be distinguished from the organic search results.

Unlike SEO, the SEA strategy is designed for the very short term. Because the effect of placed ads fizzles out immediately when the campaign is over. And anyone who wants to run search engine advertising over a long period of time has to dig deep into their pockets.

As an SEO strategy agency, we love to work out comprehensive SEO strategies that optimally complement your company's marketing and content strategy. We believe that Google Ads are not necessary to be successful on Google and Co. There are a few reasons for this.

1. SEO endurance run beats SEA sprint in Google campaigns. Because if you like to run fast, you'll probably be ahead of the competition for a while. But what happens when your budget is used up? When the click costs become too high for them? Simple. All the results achieved immediately collapse again. A Google Ads campaign often shows up as a traffic peak in your statistics. But as nice as the steep rise is, it goes downhill again just as quickly afterwards.

Google places your website at the top of the search results list in exchange for money. This way you bring visitors to your site without having to optimize it for SEO. This is a quick solution that also seems cheaper in the short term than working out a whole SEO strategy in cooperation with an SEO agency. You don't need SEO consulting and you can directly track the increasing number of visitors on your website.

But as soon as you end the campaign, you slip in the search results where you were before. Even with a good (but not SEO optimized) website, you disappear into the back pages of Google.

So you can see that Google Ads are not a long-term solution for you. There is only one sensible way to use this type of search engine marketing. Namely, in the transition period while your SEO strategy is being worked out and implemented. After all, it may take a few months for a new SEO strategy to take effect. So if you are impatient and can't wait until then, Google Ads are an easy and quick solution. What is certain, however, is that you cannot achieve lasting success with a Google campaign without an SEO strategy.

2. high bounce rates due to Google Ads campaign. From decades of experience, we can tell you: 1st place is no use if users don't stay on your site voluntarily afterwards. You must therefore offer real added value on your pages. Pages with a comprehensive SEO strategy not only rank better, but also the length of stay increases. This is because SEO is always about answering the user's question and tailoring the corresponding page exactly to their needs. The frequent accusation that SEO is user-unfriendly is pure humbug. Because our SEO strategies are geared towards your target group and ensure that your pages fulfill the wishes of your customers.

In the first steps of developing your SEO strategy, we analyze the needs of your customers and the users whose questions you can answer with your website. On the basis of personas, your pages can then be built or adapted. This way, users will always find exactly what they need on your site.

In Google Ads campaigns implemented without SEO strategy, the bounce rate is often very high. Most users only click on the search result because it is displayed at the top of the list. However, they often do not find what they were looking for. Therefore, SEO is not only the basis for successful rankings but also for SEA.

So it shows that Google Ads are only useful under certain conditions. As an SEO strategy agency, we do not recommend Google Ads across the board. We are convinced that a comprehensive SEO strategy is all you need to be successful in search engines.

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