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Happy employees are just as important as happy customers. Build a strong employer brand with an employer branding agency.Happy employees don't just do better work. When employees have positive experiences at work, word gets around. Whether it's job portals, among friends, or even at universities - when building an employer brand, your own employees are the most important "marketing channel."
What else is involved? There are many ways to transport your own employer brand. As an employer branding agency, we accompany you from strategy development to implementation and performance measurement.

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What are the components of employer branding?

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, employer branding is a central component of every company's strategy. The goal is to position the company as an attractive employer on the labor market. Many companies are focusing in particular on attracting graduates. It is important to bind young talents to the company at an early stage in order to secure the future of the company. And this is exactly where we come in as an employer branding agency. We support you in strategy development and implementation. This is how you build an attractive employer brand and are successful on the job market.

employer branding attracts young talent to the company

In employer branding, the target group is expanded from customers to applicants. The company no longer presents itself only to (potential) customers and business partners. Graduates, young professionals and skilled workers should also be specifically addressed and convinced.

But employer branding doesn't just work externally. It also includes strategies to create a positive working environment for existing employees. Employees who feel good also carry this feeling to the outside.

As an employer branding agency, we support you in your employer branding measures.

Internal Employer Branding

Internal employer branding includes all measures to improve the work experience of employees. It offers the opportunity to integrate employees well and strengthen their loyalty to the company. Internal employer branding also includes the work-life-balance, i.e. the interaction between work and private life.

Internal employer branding has three main components.

Leadership: To build an employer brand, managers must embody the employer branding strategy. Therefore, the strategy should be coordinated with all managers of the company.

Internal Communication: Communication within the company determines the satisfaction of the employees. On the one hand, this includes the conversations between employees. Here, a form of interaction must be established that suits the company. On the other hand, communication also includes the discussion climate between the hierarchies.

Shaping the world of work: The world of work determines the everyday lives of employees. This includes everything from the comfort of the workplace to the cleanliness of the toilets.

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Employer Branding: Kununu
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Employer Branding: Workwise
Employer Branding: LinkedIn

External Employer Branding

Internal employer branding is the basis for a successful external strategy. This is where we come in as an employer branding agency.

Everyone knows the basis of external employer branding. Post a job ad and wait for applicants. But that is no longer enough. External employer branding involves much more. That's why we support you in developing a comprehensive strategy to shine as an employer not only internally but also externally.

Target: Finding and convincing new, qualified and suitable employees. To achieve this goal, the company positions itself as an employer on the market.

Basis: The target group. The employer branding strategy has its very own target group. It is often very different from the company's actual target group, its customers. After all, the applicants are supposed to be qualified specialists. Only with a clearly defined target group can positioning on the labor market work. That's why we use proven methods to optimally narrow down and address your target group.

Most companies have numerous vacancies, which often differ greatly from one another. But the core target group is always the same. People who can identify with the values and goals of the company.

Employer Value Proposition: This term describes the added value that an employer delivers to its employees. A promise to applicants, so to speak. The promise of the employer value proposition should be communicated in all marketing measures.

Procedure: Once the target group for the external employer branding measures has been defined, we can get started.

Where the target group spends most of its time on the web largely determines the channels used for employer branding. The following communication channels are at the heart of employer branding:

  • Career page within the company website
  • Job fairs
  • social media channels

For graduates and a young target group, social media channels such as Instagram are a good choice. A career page on the company's website is always a good idea and job ads on job portals are also often used. There are big differences here depending on the target group. The target group of Stepstone and kununu is very broad, while job boards like Workwise and Campusjäger focus on graduates.

Social media channels such as LinkedIn and Xing also have their very own target audience. These platforms offer numerous opportunities for acquiring new employees.

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What can COCO do as an employer branding agency?
do for you?

Based on your company, we develop a customized employer branding strategy for you. The basis of this strategy is the vision of your company and your self-image as an employer. If you actively pursue an internal employer branding strategy, this also flows into the orientation of the external employer branding.

We develop targeted employer branding campaigns for you, tailored to your target group. We have gained experience from numerous customer projects and know exactly how to address your applicants. Whether on social media, via your website or in the popular job portals.

We write exciting job and company descriptions, shoot employee interviews and take appealing photos of your employees. We combine these and many other measures into a unified employer branding strategy.

In this way, you will always address exactly the professionals you want to reach for your company.

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Further topics for employer branding

Website texts

We like to write. To the point. Not too much for your users. Not too little for SEO. For all types of content. One time or month by month. Just as you need it.

Lead generation

We make sure that your website successfully generates leads. No matter whether it appeals to customers, business partners or applicants.

Campaigning agency

Reach your applicants and customers with impressive online campaigns. We support you in planning and implementation.

Frequently asked questions about the employer branding agency

Employer Branding bezeichnet alle Maßnahnem eines Unternehmens, die mit dem Aufbau einer Arbeitgebermarke zusammenhängen. Denn neben Kunden müssen auch potenzielle Mitarbeiter gezielt angesprochen werden. Je besser eine Employer Branding Strategie funktioniert, desto mehr geeignete und qualifizierte Kandidaten bewerben sich.

The shortage of skilled workers is becoming more and more apparent. Many companies wait months to fill vacancies. Positioning yourself well as an employer is therefore more important than ever. This way, companies can show what sets them apart from others and convince potential applicants.

However, building an employer brand also includes the internal working atmosphere. An image built up through marketing measures quickly appears untrustworthy if it does not reflect the actual atmosphere in the company. Therefore, companies must work on their internal employer branding in order to not only attract applicants, but also to retain employees.

Building an effective employer brand in collaboration with an employer branding agency has several advantages. A positive image to the outside world is always good. Potential applicants associate employer branding measures with your brand in addition to customer marketing. This way you will receive more applications from demanding and qualified professionals.

In addition, your employees are more satisfied. Because the basis of employer branding is always the employees' opinion of the company. Satisfied employees have two advantages.

First, word gets around about this attitude. This again increases the chance that you will receive more applications. Secondly, satisfied employees are more motivated. They identify with the company and show real commitment.

If employer branding is used correctly, it brings many benefits.

  • More applications
  • More suitable applicants
  • Faster success in recruiting

An employer branding agency brings comprehensive know-how to your employer branding processes. She will work with you to develop a suitable strategy. This is followed by appropriate measures to build an employer brand.

In the first step, the agency works out the goals and target group of the measures together with you. Here, all basic questions are clarified. The whole strategy is based on a clear answer to these questions.

This strategy is developed in the next step. In addition to recommendations for action for managers, it also contains marketing measures that are intended to have an effect outside the company. This includes the addition of the website as well as social media activities and profiles on job portals such as Kununu and Stepstone.

Während der Implementierung dieser Maßnahmen wird die Strategie mit Hilfe von Erfolgsmessung optimiert. So stellt die Employer Branding Agentur sicher, dass die Aktivitäten wirken.


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