Broken Links

What you need to know about Broken Links

Broken links can be a big problem for any website. Not only do they disrupt the user experience and make your website look outdated, but they can also hurt your SEO ranking. It's important to understand what broken links are, where they come from, and how to fix them if you want your website to run smoothly. Let's dive in and explore the topic of broken links in more detail.

What is a Broken Link?

A broken link is an access point that leads nowhere or provides incorrect information. On websites, they usually appear as hyperlinks (text or images) that lead to another page or website that no longer exists. This often happens when content has been moved without updating the link, or when the URL of an external website changes without prior notice. It can also happen when someone enters an incorrect address in the browser bar.

Where do broken links come from?

Broken links have a variety of causes, from internal errors on your own website to external changes beyond your control. Internal errors include typos in URLs, outdated content, deleted pages and files (such as images), and incorrect redirects after page updates. External errors are often caused by new websites with similar addresses replacing old ones, or by web pages being removed from other websites quite simply.

How can I repair my broken links?

The best way to fix broken links is to have a process that identifies them and then quickly takes corrective action. This process should start by regularly checking all inbound and outbound links to make sure they are correct. This can ensure that broken links are identified before they become too prevalent and negatively impact your search engine rankings. In addition, a monitoring system that keeps track of any changes made on other sites - such as their URLs - will help you get ahead of potential problems before they become problems for you. Finally, it's important to have a plan in place so that broken links can be fixed quickly and efficiently without affecting the user experience on your site. Of course, you can have all of this done by an SEO agency.


Broken links can be very damaging to both usability and SEO rankings - but with the right knowledge of what causes them and how to fix them quickly, you can minimize the impact on your website and avoid unnecessary headaches down the line. By being proactive in identifying broken links early, you can ensure that your website stays up to date and running smoothly for all visitors, so you don't have to worry about losing valuable traffic or potential customers due to technical issues beyond your control. Website operators should keep this issue in mind when managing their websites to maintain good SEO rankings and optimize user experience at all times.

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