Call to Action (CtA)

The call to action is a marketing term. The call-to-action is designed to get users or website visitors to perform an interaction or action. In the field, this attempt is also referred to as "triggering".

Where are call-to-action elements used?

Call to action on websites

Call-to-actions are most common on websites. Especially on e-commerce pages. Here they are usually displayed as buttons. Buttons are labeled with texts such as "Download now", "Contact us", "Buy now", "Brochure as PDF", "Register now", "Add to shopping cart", etc.

CtA at Google: the search engine optimization

In search engine optimization (SEO), CtA plays a role especially for the title and meta tags. They give the user information in advance about the content of the website in the search results. The interaction of these two elements and the click-through rate result in a high ranking factor for Google.

Example: The title tag here fulfills the task of a heading (the purple highlighted) as a topic, while the meta description here fulfills the part of further explanatory or descriptive text. Both should be configured in such a way that their content complies with the common SEO rules. The goal is to get the user to click on the website.

Call to action in other media

On social media, you can also find ads or posts from companies or individuals where a CtA is an important element.

Call to action also have a wide distribution in print media in the form of flyers, brochures, print ads in newspapers. Here, "Call now" or "Come visit us" are widely used calls-to-action.

In email marketing, it's known as newsletter sign-up and in newsletters themselves, it's known as the call to action for the personalized promotional email.

Furthermore, TV and radio commercials also work with this tool in the form of visual and linguistic invitations.

What are the goals of a call-to-action?

The main goal of a call-to-action is to convert an interested user into a buyer, subscriber or page visitor. In short: someone who makes use of the offered product. Therefore, one of the most important goals of a CtA is to make the path to that goal as simple, as intuitive, and as engaging as possible.

Tip: Particular attention should be paid to the written formulation so that the user does not feel patronized. The goal is for the user to press the call-to-action of his or her own accord. Or fulfills the call.

What is the benefit of CtA for online marketing?

In e-commerce, an optimized call-to-action (title and meta description) is a basic requirement for a high ranking in the field of search engine optimization (the higher the ranking, the more clicks on the website). The quality of the meta tags can be easily measured via SEO tools such as Semrush, Sistrix and Google Search Console.

Within the website, CtA have been proven to increase the click-through rate significantly. Display marketing would be unthinkable without them, as their success can also be measured well with the corresponding tools.


It turns out that with a targeted advertising measure, a call-to-action is an indispensable tool for achieving conversions. Regardless of whether it is in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) within the website, TV and radio spots, newsletter sign-up or other advertising media.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us directly. As SEO Agency in Munich we can certainly help you.

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