Content Gap Analysis

Content gap analysis is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It helps CMOs identify gaps in their content and gives them the opportunity to make changes that will help them reach more potential customers. In this post, you'll learn what content gap analysis is and how you can use it to improve your digital marketing efforts.

What is a content gap analysis?

Die Content-Gap-Analyse ist ein Prozess, der die Unterschiede zwischen zwei Inhaltssets identifiziert. Sie ermöglicht es Marketingfachleuten, vorhandene Inhalte mit denen von Mitbewerbern sowie mit den Trends in ihrer Branche zu vergleichen, um festzustellen, wo ihre Inhalte verbessert werden müssen. Wenn beispielsweise Konkurrent A ein höheres Engagement in den sozialen Medien hat als Sie, oder wenn auf Ihrer Website relevante Informationen zu einem aktuellen Trend in Ihrer Branche fehlen, können Sie mit Hilfe einer Inhaltslückenanalyse diese Bereiche identifizieren und daran arbeiten, sie zu schließen. Mithilfe von SEO Experten erfolgt die Content Gap Analyse meist am erfolgreichsten.

How does content gap analysis work?

Content gap analysis evaluates various aspects of content on different platforms and channels. These include things like the use of keywords, relevance of topics, quality of text, level of engagement, response rates, etc. Once these elements are identified, they can be compared with those of competitors or with industry trends to determine where there are gaps in your own content that need to be addressed.

The advantages of content gap analysis

Content gap analysis provides marketers with valuable insights into how their current content compares to other brands or trends in their industry. By identifying these gaps and filling them with targeted adjustments or new content, marketers can increase customer engagement and response rates, which ultimately leads to higher sales and profits for the company. In addition, marketers can stay ahead of the competition by knowing what topics are trending in their industry so they can create timely posts that address those trends before others do.


Content gap analysis plays an important role in any digital marketing strategy by helping CMOs identify where their current strategies are deficient compared to competitors or industry trends. By addressing these gaps through targeted changes or new content developed specifically to address these issues or knowledge/awareness gaps in the marketplace, CMOs can ensure their brand remains competitive and up to date with current customer needs - ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the company overall. If you're looking for ways to improve your digital marketing this year, a thorough audit using content gap analysis should be at the top of your list!

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