Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a term from search engine optimization (SEO). It describes text content that is relevant over a very long period of time. In content marketing, the motto is first and foremost that regularly maintained content is well received by search engines, gives a good ranking and thus more clicks.

With this content it is different, because here the content has relevance and popularity over a much longer period of time.

Evergreen Content

What are the appropriate topics for an evergreen content?

Historical themes

Content from the historical context has a classic status as evergreen content, as its content is fact-based and can hardly be refuted, because history has been lived and nothing can be done about it. Historical events are Googled over and over again. This is how users ensure the lasting popularity of a topic.


As with historical topics, the contents of encyclopedias are fact-based and are usually reproduced as definitions of factual topics. The same applies to explanations of technical terms.   


Advice sites also have the potential for long-term successful content due to their popularity. Especially when it comes to timeless content like medical content.

Journalistic articles, columns, interviews

Here, too, the potential for this form of content is high. Columns and interviews, in particular, are very popular and like to be revisited again and again, or are easy to find again, as they are usually archived and can therefore always be retrieved.

Ranking lists

Here, for example: What is the best Star Wars movie? - This type of query increases whenever a new Star Wars movie hits theaters.   

What is the key to evergreen content?

Not every content that is published in the area of timeless content becomes evergreen content. What is important here is the depth of the topic or the focus on it. A superficial content is hardly suitable for an evergreen content, because it needs a high-quality depth for the topic.

What is the importance of evergreen content for search engine optimization?

High-quality content that regularly attracts visitors generates good signals for search engines. They see this as a sign of excellent content and reward it with a good ranking in search engine results. In this way, websites can benefit in the long term through evergreen content.

Another important aspect here is that high-quality content is a source of valuable backlinks. Many users refer to this and share the content as a source on other platforms such as social media, forums, blogs or in comments.

For evergreen content, some other measures are recommended. These include for example

  • Internal links
  • Image SEO
  • Keyword optimization
  • Clear headline structure
  • Short paragraphs and simple language

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