Google Panda & Penguin

What is Google Panda & Penguin?

Google Panda and Google Penguin denote two Google updates that were introduced by Google in 2011 (Panda) and 2012 (Penguin).

What was new with Google Panda?

Google Panda was introduced at the beginning of 2011 and aimed to penalize websites with little content and poor quality. Affected pages should rank worse or even be removed from the index completely. Through regular updates, Google Panda was improved and is now one of the main tasks of the Google algorithm.

What impact did the Google Panda update have?

In particular, websites with content-poor content, duplicate content or stolen content have been effectively penalized since the update.

However, the Panda update did not affect the entire content of a website, but only penalized individual pages of a domain.

Through this update, more attention was paid to the excessive use of keywords (keyword stuffing). Also in this case, pages were penalized with ranking losses or removal from the index.

What does the Google Penguin update include?

The Google Panda update came about a year after Google Panda. It penalizes pages that are displayed high up in the index in an unnatural way. Pages that are not about delivering value to the user. Such pages should be recognized and sorted out with the update.

This approach of website owners is also called web spamming and includes the "black hat" methods. These include keyword stuffing, cloaking and buying backlinks.

What are the implications of these updates for SEO?

These two updates rewarded the creation of unique and good content (good = the main focus of the content is on the needs of the visitor). Those who put extra emphasis on user experience and high-quality content will get better rankings. In return, those who took the manipulative route are punished.

Due to the updates, page operators must pay great attention to the creation and design of content. If a visitor stays longer on a page and navigates further, be it through internal links or elements of the main navigation, Google evaluates the dwell time as relevant content with added value and rewards it accordingly positively in terms of ranking. In addition, unique content offers the possibility to get valuable backlinks from other pages, which is an enormous ranking factor for Google as a quality feature.

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