In online marketing, landing pages are pages to which a user or potential customer is directed via search engine results, targeted advertisements and other advertising measures.

What are the benefits of landing pages?

The purpose of landing pages is to provide the user with important information about a particular product in advance, thus enticing them to take action.

The goal of a landing page is to convert the user into a potential customer. It's about achieving measurable results and increasing the conversion rate.

What are the goals of a landing page?

Landing pages are usually controlled by users themselves via advertising banners or snippets from the search results. This means that the user heads for a landing page based on a specific need. Here, it is important for website operators to direct this need. The user's need should be satisfied in order to win him as a customer. Landing pages offer a good opportunity to increase conversions.

For the owners of the websites they have even more functions: 

Lead generation

Landing pages are an excellent way to generate new leads. Even if they have not yet become paying customers, their leads give you the opportunity to turn them into customers through targeted advertising.

Present and distribute content

Once the user has found his way to the website, you can offer him deep information through good content.

Therefore, it is enormously important for website operators to pursue a sophisticated content marketing strategy. The content must always be maintained in order to offer the user new experiences. This significantly increases user loyalty.

Landing pages and e-commerce

Most often, landing pages are used to offer services or products for sale.

The great advantage of a landing page is that you can directly and specifically advertise a product or service by analyzing a customer need or behavior. They enable a website operator to address a target group more precisely.

How are landing pages teased?

Search results 

Here, the primary goal is to generate as many website visitors as possible. This means that the content of the website must be optimized according to the criteria of search engines. The clear goal here is to appear on the first page of the search results.


Advertisements such as banners, Google Ads or pop-up ads are good means to bring targeted offers of a website or its products to the user. Even if these paid tools are controversial, they offer the provider a very good opportunity to reach potential customers.

Email marketing

"Often pronounced dead, yet massively in use."

Newsletters or e-mails are still a powerful means of addressing customers directly and specifically.

Here you can send personalized advertising directly to the customer without much effort.

Social media

With text or video contributions, social media channels are very well suited to promoting landing pages and their content in a target group-oriented manner through the use of links. Newsletters and e-mails are still a powerful means of addressing customers directly and specifically.

Here you can send personalized advertising directly to the customer.


This refers to media outside of the Internet. Some examples of offline media are:

  • Print media such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, posters and catalogs
  • TV with switched commercials
  • Radio spots

What does the design look like?  

Landing pages are often characterized in their design by a clear structure and sensible layout of the individual elements. The most important thing here is to create a user experience that makes the user feel comfortable.

The usability is designed through intuitive navigation so that the user can easily and quickly get further information.

Newsletters are often characterized by their simplicity, where the product is the main focus and users are clearly and directly prompted to take action.

What are SEO landing pages?

SEO landing pages are characterized by the fact that their textual content is keyword optimized. This is a good way for the pages to rank better and thus be found via search engine results.

SEO landing pages are clearly and directly defined and are designed to satisfy the user experience all around. This includes a clear structural design, where it is solely about the product. Therefore, landing pages often contain a lot of information.

The main goal here is to convert the user to a buyer.

A few key words on this:

  • Keyword strategyto be found as high as possible in the search results. Here you should consider a suitable snippet strategy to give the user even more information in advance. The use of structured data is also suitable for this.
  • A talking URL. The URL must reflect the contents of the page. This gives the user a good orientation on the page and Google recognizes what it is about.
  • Monitoring the loading speed. Search engines evaluate it negatively if the pages and their contents take too long to load. You should avoid unnecessary Javascript and CSS. Optimize and compress the images, graphics and videos.
  • Sophisticated link building strategy, because backlinks and internal linking are one of the highest ranking factors in search engines.

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