Unique Content

In search engine optimization SEO unique content is understood to mean unique and high-quality content that cannot be found on any other website. As a rule, unique content refers to textual content. Unique content represents a high ranking factor.

The opposite of unique content is duplicate content!

What exactly does unique content look like?

A unique content of a website is characterized by the fact that it is informative and provides added value. It should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. It should also be enriched with meaningful keywords related to the topic.

To avoid accidentally creating duplicate content, citations should always be marked as such.

In addition, customer centricity is becoming increasingly important. The focus of the content is therefore more on the customer than on the product.

Important Tip:

You should not create the content for the search engines, but for the users. Because content that pleases the user is also rated highly by search engines.

unique content

What is the importance of unique content for search engine optimization?

As mentioned at the beginning, unique content is an important ranking factor. Website owners should have a high level of quality awareness in order to provide users with relevant content or unique content.

Since content creation is an extremely complex topic, it is advisable to work with marketing agencies whose core area of expertise is content marketing.

How does it behave with online stores?

In online stores, for example, in the product descriptions, you should also use a unique text. The texts should be aimed at answering all the questions of the user.

Detailed product information creates trust, satisfaction and is a decision-making aid when buying the product. It is important not to adopt the manufacturer's product description 1:1. This can quickly lead to duplicate content, for which Google may penalize you.

If you still use the manufacturer's product description, you should set the Canonical tag here to refer to the original source with the text.

What is the significance of the Google Panda update in terms of unique content?

The Google Panda Update from 2011 brought major changes regarding website content. With this update, websites that contain little or no content were punished by the Google algorithm with ranking losses or even deletion from the index.

As a serious website owner, you were forced to create unique, relevant and informative content from that point on. Another task of the Panda update is to detect duplicate content and penalize it if necessary.

As content and SEO Agency in Munich we are specialized in creating unique content.

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