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Sounds dreamlike, but it really works with us as an inbound marketing agency: Through relevant and exciting content, we automatically attract customers for you. That would mean that ...? Yes, exactly, the active promotion of products and services simply falls away.
The magic word to achieve this is "really good content". And we can do that.

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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What is the best method in inbound marketing?

Your customers have needs. You develop the right products and services for these needs. Maybe they are even better than your customers expect. They inspire.

Ideally, word gets around on its own. Your customers love your products. They tell their friends, acquaintances and business colleagues. They then come to your store or website. And buy. If you can do that, you won't need any other marketing or sales. So the best methods for inbound marketing are Outstanding products.

If this word-of-mouth isn't fast enough for you, or you're in a highly competitive environment (and honestly, what business isn't these days?), you'll also need the second-best method in inbound marketing. As an inbound marketing agency, we recommend Content marketing.

With content marketing, you address all those potential customers who have not yet been in contact with one of your satisfied customers. But they are already looking for a suitable solution to their need. And they will find the answers to their questions on your website. In the text. And in your products.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer
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The 3 steps in inbound marketing

There are infinite variations of customer journeys and sales funnels targeting them. Some of them have a lot of steps. In several hundred workshops, we have made the experience that simplification leads to more clarity and is easier to apply. Depending on the number of customer types or personas, this still leaves more than enough content to create.

Therefore, we distinguish only three phases in the sales funnel for your website: COLD, WARM and HOT. In each phase, we want to pick up your customers online. With the right answers to the respective questions, we attract your customers to the website and thus to your products.


In this first phase, your customer has a need. But he does not yet know how to solve it. His questions are very general. What helps with ...? Who knows a solution for ...?


Now your customer knows which products could basically be a solution to his problem. He asks himself: What is the difference between ...? How does ... work?

3. HOT

Your customer has decided on a particular solution. Now it's just a matter of deciding where or from which provider to buy it. Where can I get ...? Does anyone have experience with ...?

Each stage requires different answers and different content on your website. We help you to create them. This way we make sure that your products are found by potential customers.


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First reference for COCO content marketing agency in Munich

"COCO's work was characterized by professional competence and reliability from the very first workshop. With the restructuring of our content, this leads to a better customer journey. The overall results are the perfect basis for us to further develop the content of the website and other online marketing measures."

Monika Lohmaier, Marketing & Communications Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies

The results of our content marketing agency speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is the increase in visibility in Google, the better ranking of your keywords, the collection of valuable backlinks and social shares, and the increased traffic on your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads. We define the goals that are important to you together and measure ourselves against them.

Why is COCO your inbound marketing agency?

Inbound marketing is about delivering interesting and helpful content to users. As an inbound marketing agency, content is our specialty. We help you optimize your website and other channels for good inbound marketing.

For this purpose, relevant KPIs are defined in the first step. This makes it possible to measure the success of the measures at a later stage. We create these in close cooperation with you. Of course, tailored to your individual requirements and wishes. In addition to planning your inbound marketing activities, we are also happy to implement them for you. Based on the previously developed strategy, we create suitable content for your channels. Whether social media, website or newsletter content. We are your optimal contact. Afterwards, we advise you on ongoing measures. Because online marketing is dynamic and requires constant attention.

We are an agency for content and inbound marketing in Munich. Our services range from social media to newsletters and website content. For these and many other areas, we create an individual strategy for your inbound marketing. If you need support with content creation for your different channels, we are your contact. Give us a call and we'll talk about the perfect strategy to reach your KPI goals.

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