You can get (almost) all of them online.

Even as an online marketing agency Munich, we admit that print is not quite dead yet.
But in most cases, it's better to invest your marketing budget in online marketing measures. Paid can be successful, especially when things have to happen quickly. In the long run, organic is more efficient. With over 300 clients under our care, we can tell you what makes the most sense for your goal, so you get the most out of your budget.

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Online marketing is on the rise

In recent years, the Internet has prevailed over print media. Almost everyone owns a computer or smartphone, which can be used to constantly access online content. As a result, people's buying behavior is shifting more and more to the online realm. Amazon, Otto and Zalando account for a not inconsiderable share of industry sales in their respective sectors.

But with the overabundance of websites and online stores, how do you get buyers to your site? This is where your online marketing agency comes into play. Because there are numerous, interlocking measures to generate more attention through online marketing. You need comprehensive know-how in digital marketing as well as a high affinity to all areas of the internet. This includes not only search engine optimization (SEO) to generate clicks on Google. Social media marketing with its numerous platforms and possibilities is also gaining in importance.

What does that mean to you?
You can't do without online marketing. Numerous possibilities and creative solutions are waiting to be tried out. There is a perfect online and content strategy for every company. All you need is the right online marketing agency.

The results of our content marketing agency speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is the increase in visibility in Google, the better ranking of your keywords, the collection of valuable backlinks and social shares, and the increased traffic on your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads. We define the goals that are important to you together and measure ourselves against them.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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Why is content marketing the most effective form for our online marketing agency from Munich?

You probably know the statement: Every second euro in the Marketing is wasted, you just don't know which one, unfortunately. This is true for offline marketing in any case. The wastage here is enormous. If every second euro can be invested in a targeted way, that's great. But it is still very unsatisfactory.

So the solution to this problem is Online marketing. Here one distinguishes in principle between Paid Marketing, i.e. all types of ads on Google, Facebook or other portals, and organic growth. Online marketing ads were the most effective form of advertising for a long period of time. After all, you only pay for the click of someone who directly searched for what you offer. Ingenious, actually. It's just too bad that Google has increasingly exploited its de facto monopoly position over the years. With click prices of several euros, it is increasingly difficult to speak of effectiveness. We have customers who pay ten euros and more per click. Per click! Not per new customer. Crazy, actually.

So what can you do?

We as an online marketing agency recommend the use of Content marketing in a combination of SEO, website content and, depending on the target group, appropriate social media content. Why?

With the right online marketing content, you'll attract your customers. Precisely. You invest once in the design of the content for each phase of the customer journey of your customer groups and in the optimal design for the organic search in Google. This way, you rank for the same high-reach keywords that your target group is searching for. The big difference to paid marketing: You don't pay a cent for the click on your listing. And this is very sustainable and long-term.

Sure: You should also set aside a long-term monthly budget for SEO and content marketing. Google changes its algorithm from time to time, which requires adjustments to your site. And new competitors can challenge your conquered position. However, these measures are many times cheaper and therefore more effective than any other form of online marketing.

This can be measured. We love to accompany our measures with KPIs. That way you can quickly see what the effort brings.

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"Working with COCO is fun and brings significant improvements. Their innovative suggestions were a milestone for our online communications. I was impressed with how deeply they dug into our B2B market and the needs of our customers."

Veronika Wrba, Marketing Manager at ITD

The first step is always to optimize your content on the website. For this we create content for your sales funnel as well as content for journalists. This has the purpose of providing valuable backlinks. This is also a sustainable way to increase your effectiveness in online marketing.

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Technical terms and methods from online marketing

Online marketing offers numerous possibilities. Depending on the business model and company structure, different measures are suitable for improving the reach. We would like to present some of the methods that we offer as an online marketing agency in the following.

Online marketing

The Online marketing is the umbrella term for all measures that companies take on the web to reach your target group. It includes methods such as SEO, social media marketing and online PR.

The starting point for all online marketing activities is the company's website. It is the central online medium. As a rule, the goal of online marketing is to achieve a high number of visitors to the website.

Afterwards, visitors should stay on the site as long as possible and, in the best case, become customers. Therefore, it is important that all online marketing measures are coordinated and coherent. The basis for this is a professional appearance and interesting content.

For a coherent and authentic appearance, we as an online marketing agency develop a suitable strategy for you.

Content marketing

Content marketing is all about content. Content for the website, for the company blog, for social media and PR. That is why good content marketing forms the basis of a successful online marketing strategy.

Images and videos are important as eye-catchers. Because on the Internet, it’s often who comes first to the eye. This is especially true for social media. Users are bombarded with colourful, flashy and bouncy content. This makes it all the more important in online marketing to stand out from this crowd. The first impression is also relevant on the website. He decides whether the user stays or leaves.

However, the eye-catcher is only the first step. Afterwards, the user expects added value. Professional and appropriate content must be provided. On the website, they can convince the visitor and provide him with the information he is looking for. In social media, users can interact directly with the company’s account to increase reach.


The website is the heart of the online marketing strategy. A visually and content-wise well-designed website is a prerequisite for the functioning of all other online marketing components.

The aim of most online marketing activities is to get the target audience to the website. Afterwards, good, authentic content has to convince the visitor to stay. Subsequently, users are to be persuaded by high-quality content from companies and their business model.

At the end of a visit to the website is ideally a sale or at least a contact by the visitor.

Search engine marketing

The search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important tool in online marketing. The goal of this measure is to appear as present as possible in the popular search engines.

Placement in search engines is the most important way to get visitors to your website. In order to keep them there afterwards, appropriate content must be provided through good content marketing.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, uses the search engine algorithm to be as present as possible in the organic search results. Thus, it is fundamentally different from search engine advertising (SEA). This uses paid ads to be displayed preferentially on Google and other search engines.

Online PR

The goal of Online PR is to gain sustainable backlinks. These ensure that the search engine classifies the corresponding page as particularly valuable.

Online PR is an important tool for search engine optimization. It provides additional visitors to the company’s website.

An online marketing agency can help you promote your brand. We promote your brand on the web and make sure you are found.

Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing, creativity and perseverance are required above all. Regular presence and exciting content are prerequisites for a successful social media channel.

A presence on social media is a good addition to the website. Here users can be addressed directly. It is also possible to present the company in an authentic and entertaining way.

There are different types of social media content.

  1. Entertainment
  2. Inspiration
  3. Knowledge transfer

Depending on the target audience, the social media strategy focuses on one or more of these topics.

As an online marketing agency, we support you in the development of a suitable social media strategy and then gladly implement it for you.

E-Mail- and Newsletter Marketing

Successful email marketing is one of the most effective methods in online marketing.

A strong newsletter marketing strategy is important here. Blog posts, landing pages and compelling content are used to build an email list. Included in the mailing are click-worthy subject lines and compelling copy. These convince subscribers to open your messages and click on your calls to action.

Newsletter marketing is an important way to stay in touch with existing customers. In this way, interested parties are regularly informed about current offers.

Success measurement

The measurement of success of an online marketing campaign is an important part of the strategy. Before implementing an online marketing strategy, key KPIs are defined. These key figures can then be used to evaluate how effective the measures taken are. In this way, the strategy can be fine-tuned again and again.

There are numerous tools to measure the success of different actions as an online marketing agency.

  1. SEO: Semrush and Sistrix are examples of tools that provide KPIs for search engine optimization. Here, for example, search engine rankings can be viewed.
  2. Social Media: Fanpage Karma is a comprehensive tool for planning a social media marketing strategy. The collection of user numbers and click and liking rates is also part of the offer.
  3. Website: Google Analytics is a powerful tool in online marketing for collecting user data on your website. It allows for accurate tracking and detailed analysis of website visitors.
  4. Market research: Appinio allows you to create targeted surveys. These are displayed directly to the visitors of a website as a push message. In this way, the opinions of customers and prospective customers can be obtained quickly and easily.
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Why is COCO your online marketing agency from Munich?

Online marketing is more relevant today than ever before. That's why our online marketing agency in Munich specializes in creating high-quality content in the online marketing sector - and has been doing so for 25 years. Whether you need content for your website, for social media or for newsletter campaigns, COCO is there for you throughout Germany. Our wide range of services in the field of content and online marketing allows us to tailor our services to your company and your individual needs.

We support you in reaching your online marketing milestones. Depending on your goals, we develop an online marketing strategy that fits you perfectly. This way, we ensure that you reach your goal quickly and safely. Whether it's stronger brand awareness, better click-through rates or more social media followers.

Contact us and we'll talk about your perfect online marketing strategy.

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