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Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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Podcast by Martin Bauer, Managing Director COCO.

What's new in content marketing? Which content strategy is promising? How can brand characteristics be communicated? What should you pay attention to when writing? What role does SEO play? How can trust be built with new customers? How are new customers and employees successfully approached online in the first place? And how to generate leads? B2B and B2C.

Questions upon questions. Here come answers.

Who actually needs SEO? Who doesn't? Why? And for what?

From the one-person side-hustle to the multinational corporation, all kinds of companies are bustling around the web. Does each need SEO? We shed light on this with the experience of over 800 digital projects. How important is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. The aim here is to be found by Google for relevant search terms (keywords). Most users only look at the first few entries on Google before they give up or select an entry. Hardly any user clicks on the second page. So the goal is to rank in the first search results with your site. How do you achieve this? This is where SEO comes in.

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