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We are exactly the SEO agency you didn't have to look for long. If that doesn't speak for a successful cooperation. As an SEO agency Munich with over 300 customers, we have mastered all areas and recommend the best measures to you in a comprehensible way. From audit to technical SEO, Local SEO, Online PR to the complete implementation and SEO training - we love to advance your search engine optimization from Munich nationally and internationally.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
+49 89 45099350

We are the SEO agency in Munich. As such, we work for clients throughout the German-speaking world for national and international websites. We help you, achieve the desired SEO success with optimal website rankings and the desired organic traffic. Our SEO experts perform comprehensive website audits. On this basis, we carry out SEO optimizations. These then help you, to be on first page rankings even without using SEA to place expensive Google Ads.

SEO is for us the necessary basic measure for all following content marketing activities. We know our way around perfectly and are on the latest status of Google updates. At the same time, we don't kid you that ranking high in Google is a mixture of science and magic. The Google algorithm is regularly adjusted. We take this into account in our content work. We make sure your website gets the search engine optimization it needs. No more, but also no less.

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"For me, there are 3 factors that make an outstanding agency: Trust, competence and good communication.

Martin and his team were convincing in all areas right from the start. We have not regretted for a second that we chose COCO to tackle the topic of SEO at Dassault Systèmes.

What I particularly appreciated: Cooperation at eye level, a high degree of reliability, flexibility and the constant overview of the big picture. And we never lost our sense of fun in the process."

Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

Our SEO agency activities can be divided into the following areas:

SEO consulting

We advise you on the best approach. And on how to use your budget wisely.

SEO Analysis & Audit

After an SEO audit, you know what the status quo is and what needs to be done.

Keyword research & optimization

What are your users looking for?

Technical SEO

We know what needs to be done in onpage optimization. To do this, we coordinate closely with the developers.

All specific SEO activities are carried out on the basis of the SEO strategy and with consideration of the best possible SEO-optimized texts. The strategy is ideally integrated into a content strategy. Here, the needs of your users and your social media activities are coordinated in a target-oriented way. With our SEO know-how, we ensure that the high-quality SEO content for your website is all of a piece. And make sure that it can be created as efficiently as possible.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer
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SEO campaign

Many of our clients start their SEO activities with a SEO campaign. The campaign is budgeted and implemented over the course of a fiscal year. These SEO projects typically start with an SEO workshop with the corresponding SEO consulting. After that, the SEO measures are implemented with the goal of placing your products or services at the top positions in Google. They often end with an SEO training for the editors of the companies. The success of the adapted websites is then analyzed and monitored using the appropriate tools. Some results are visible after a few days. Others take longer, up to several months.

SEO continuous

At this point begins the ongoing SEO support - an essential area of any search engine optimization. Every marketing manager or digital executive should be aware that search engine optimization should ideally be ongoing. The Google algorithm changes - even if less than some SEO experts assume. Much more relevant are the activities of your competitors. These can cause some of your successful SERP rankings to slip again at any time. This also applies to local SEO. Then you have to react. You can further optimize your website. Create new content. Or acquire more backlinks (offpage optimization).

We therefore recommend that you monitor the results on an ongoing basis. For long-term successful search engine optimization and increase of your conversion rate, a permanent budget should be kept. It is always cheaper in the medium and long term than buying comparable results with ads.

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Content marketing agency for three startups in Munich

Development of all website content incl. SEO for three newly founded startups.

RE8, VIV and NYM as new competence leaders in the real estate market

To achieve the best results, the individual elements must interlock.

Data analysis & SEO

A sound data analysis, keyword research and technical SEO of your website is the necessary basis for all content measures within your content strategy.

Sales Funnel Contents

Based on a content audit of the existing content, we create the specific content for the questions and challenges of your target group. Real added value guarantees higher chances for ranking in SERPs.

Link building content

Based on the trends in your industry and after careful keyword research, we create attractive content. The optimal presentation motivates journalists and influencers to link.

Online PR

We create a custom selection of top publishers and influencers on social media. The high quality links pay off on brand awareness and provide authority. Thus, your website will rank better.

The results of our content marketing agency speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is the increase in visibility in Google, the better ranking of your keywords, the collection of valuable backlinks and social shares, and the increased traffic on your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads. We define the goals that are important to you together and measure ourselves against them.

Selected tools for SEO keyword optimization

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SEO Agency Munich with selected tools for search engine optimization

Every search engine optimization agency works with SEO tools. The trick is not to subscribe to one tool - even if they can be quite expensive in part and in sum of several tools. Whether your SEO company uses Sistrix or SEMRUSH as the main tool is by and large not decisive for the success of your SEO campaign.

The SEO art lies in the professional SEO use. Any tool can only present the best results if it is provided with the right inputs. You will only find the relevant keywords if your SEO agency for SEO consulting has a deep understanding of your clients' needs. Our experience from over 800 digital projects is immensely valuable in this regard.

Linkbuilding & Online PR

Your website gets authority through links from high quality sites. This is an essential prerequisite for your content to be listed on the top positions in Google.

These links can be generated in two ways.

With Linkbuilding we place your website in directories, in forums, on review sites, with partners, on trade fair & event sites and the like. This is essential as a basis for any SEO measure.

With Online PR we provide linking from high-quality magazines, trade journals, blogs and social media presences on the basis of special content (link magnets) that we create for you. The links gained in this way are the royal road for the acquisition of high-authority backlinks.

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"The SEO and Content Workshop with Martin Bauer was top prepared and over two days so full of exciting knowledge that we gladly went over both times. Now we know what to do to rank high. With the valuable inputs on content strategy, brand and trust building blocks, we will surely improve the conversions on our website in the long run."

Merlin Faude, Founder & CEO of Wut Coaches

As SEO agency Munich we often receive the following questions:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the royal road to new customers on the Internet. And to new employees. And to all others who might be interested in your company. If a new customer doesn't get your URL via recommendation, the best way for him to find you is via a search engine. As a rule, this is Google. He enters search terms that are usually related to his needs. You want to be found for these keywords. So, for example, as a doctor, if someone searches for "bad cough treatment". Or as a real estate platform, if someone searches for "three-room apartment Munich". So SEO is important to be found at all.

If your potential new customer doesn't find your business in the organic hits, your only option is to place ads. Since these are becoming more and more expensive (in many areas more than 5 euros per click on the ad), this will cost you an enormous amount of money in the long run. With SEO you save in the medium to long term a lot of money. This is another reason why SEO is not only important, but indispensable for contemporary online marketing.

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

This describes all measures that help your own web pages to appear well in the Google hit lists. This is also referred to as organic search hits. 

SEO is distinguished from SEM = Search Engine Marketing. This describes the paid search engine marketing. The hits achieved here are marked by Google with the word "ad".

Some SEO agencies only work locally, for example in Munich. It can definitely be an advantage if you can get together in an uncomplicated way to discuss the current project status. In this day and age, however, the vast majority of meetings take place online anyway. This is especially true in a business like SEO, which is often realized as a project in addition to ongoing optimization. Much more important is the close integration with content marketing, which we provide from a single source, technical expertise and professional project management. As an SEO agency in Munich, we have therefore also been serving our customers throughout the German-speaking world for many years. We look forward to your inquiry.

COCO has been around since 1997 and, this much is certain, at that time the word combination "SEO agency" did not yet exist. We called ourselves an Internet agency back then. And, of course, we were soon concerned with the findability of our clients' websites in Google (and Yahoo! and a few more sites that no one knows about today). As a reminder for those who have not yet consciously witnessed it: Google has only been around since September 1998, so we've been an SEO agency since before Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea of adding just a search box to a blank page. For several years now, we have been specializing as a content marketing agency in search engine optimization in addition to content strategy and creation. And therefore also call ourselves an "SEO agency".

At a professional SEO agency, agency services are generally billed on an hourly or daily basis. The total effort depends on the size of the website and the intended goals of the company. For a store with 15,000 products, which should ideally all rank on the first page, must be calculated differently than for a manageable image website. It is therefore always individual. Lump-sum prices cannot be appropriate for any project. However, we can of course provide a flat-rate quote if we know the scope and goals.

The technical SEO is always only the basis for good ranking in Google - and of course for other search engines like Baidu. Without a sustainable content strategy it brings nothing or the effort quickly fizzles out again. For sustainable, maximum success, a period of about half a year is realistic - even if we are always happy about faster first successes.

The choice of SEO agencies is large. In Munich alone, there are dozens that describe themselves under this title. Many, however, are not able to approach SEO from a comprehensive perspective. SEO and content marketing belong inseparably together here. Without good content, there is no good search engine optimization.
Experience is of elementary importance. Your SEO agency should ideally already have a few hundred SEO projects behind it. Experience in your industry is also helpful, of course.

And then talk to the people in charge at the agency. Get a personal impression of the approach and trustworthiness of the people involved. Don't be blinded by dubious promises. Remember: SEO is usually a long-term business. You should get along well with your contact person.

We look forward to meeting you in person!

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