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We are the online PR agency Munich, which takes care of sustainable valuable backlinks for you. And we have already done that for many satisfied customers. You want to reach a large number of people through high profile press? Or niche coverage that nurtures your customer base? As an online PR agency in Munich, we create content and promote it because: We have contacts with sought-after publishers and influencers to successfully amplify your PR activities.

Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
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Online PR means connecting your high quality content with an audience that cares about it. We do this by pitching the content (studies, surveys, animations, ...) we create for you to relevant journalists & influencers. This means we write to them individually. We take into account what they have written so far. We also look at how the media and journalists appear on social media channels. Our goal as an online PR agency is to find out if they want to write a story around the newsworthy information.

This approach generates significant added value: 

  • Direct traffic
  • High quality backlinks
  • Increased awareness of your brand
  • Increased website authority

For successful pitches, the first thing we need is something worth presenting. We can pitch your excellent content, or we can create data-driven new content for you.

How does online PR work?

Once eudre content is ready, promotion starts to get media coverage and valuable backlinks. The same basic rules apply to promotion to influencers. 

The following points are important:


1. use existing contacts
Online PR only works with good relationships. Knowing journalists who are open to certain topics or know someone who could be is essential.

2. search for new media with opportunities
Especially in journalism, nothing is as constant as change. Always looking for new media expands the possibilities.

3. determine optimal contact persons
There can be dozens of journalists working for a newspaper or online magazine. Knowing who to approach ideally makes access easier.

4. each cover letter individually
Mass mailing almost always falls flat. Individual cover letters are the key to attention.

5. key messages for each target group
Every medium ticks differently. Knowing which key messages are heard is half the battle.

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Martin Bauer - Managing Director COCO Content Marketing Agency in Munich

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"For me, there are 3 factors that make an outstanding agency: Trust, competence and good communication.

Martin and his team were convincing in all areas right from the start. We have not regretted for a second that we chose COCO to tackle the topic of SEO at Dassault Systèmes.

What I particularly appreciated: Cooperation at eye level, a high degree of reliability, flexibility and the constant overview of the big picture. And we never lost our sense of fun in the process."

Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

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The performance of your website is largely dependent on the ability to distribute your high-quality content online. With our own studies, we further our understanding of newsworthy and relevant content. With online PR, we ensure that our results are featured in leading magazines and online publications.

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