Linkbuilding is important.

This is clear.
Link building is part of SEO for us.
With Linkbuilding you ensure the building of backlinks. This will increase the authority of your website. As a result, your keywords move to the top of the Google hit list.
As an SEO link building agency, we take care of getting your website linked from reputable other sites. We check where your competitors are linked. And create a plan for ongoing monitoring and ensuring the authority of your website.

Martin Bauer Managing Director of COCO

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Which sites are valuable for link building?

  • The times when it was primarily about collecting any links are long gone. Google looks closely at the quality of the pages that link to your website. A link from the bakery where your employees buy lunch is not worth much. A link from an Indian listing site is negative for your ranking when in doubt. However, if a university links to your site, or Wikipedia, your authority increases tremendously.

So how to find the right links Here are a few tips:

  • Ask your partner companies for a link. Maybe you also offer to praise the partner company with a statement where a link is installed.
  • List yourself in local business directories
  • Use specific yellow pages
  • Check websites of trade shows or other events you have attended
  • Analyze the best links of your direct competitors (there are great tools for this) and see if you can link there as well
  • Participate with valuable comments in forums and magazines with link to further info on your website
  • Universities are rated particularly highly by Google. So if your company has a cooperation with a chair, your CEO gives lectures there or similar, be sure to ask for a link.

The two most important tips in conclusion:

  • Do not buy backlinks! The effect is short-term at best. As soon as Google notices that you are listed with a link seller, your page will be penalized.
  • Use high-quality content of your own that you offer journalists and influencers for use. Read more about this in the Online PR section.
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Frequently asked questions about link building

In short, backlinks are inbound links from external websites. This means that another company or maybe even a newspaper writes about you and links your website. Such backlinks show Google that your website is valuable and that your business has importance.

Therefore, backlinks have a particularly high value at Google. They are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines and particularly relevant for SEO.

This question is easy to answer.

As many as possible.

Every additional backlink shows Google how valuable your page is. The more external links linking to your page, the better. However, you should be careful to get backlinks only from trusted sites.


There are also backlinks that can harm your site. Only high-quality backlinks are beneficial for your page in the long run. Butwhat makes a high quality backlink?

Google assigns a weight and value to each backlink.

Significance (Relevance): Let's assume that your company is active in the field of software development. Google values backlinks from computer portals or other software companies particularly highly. This is because related pages have more relevance in your field. In contrast, backlinks from other topic pages are weighted less. However, this does not mean that these backlinks are worthless.

Link Authority (Authority Score): The stronger a website, the more valuable the backlink. The holy grail of backlinks is Wikipedia. If you get backlinks from this source, Wikipedia passes on its link authority to your page and it is rated particularly highly by Google. The bigger, higher quality and more professional a website, the higher (as a rule) the link authority.

However, there are also some factors that cause a backlink to be classified as negative or toxic.

The referring page does not have SSL: Die verweisende Seite verfügt nicht über SSL:

The page is not indexed on Google: Domains that are penalized by Google for various reasons are no longer in the index of the search engine and are therefore considered toxic.

The page has too many outbound links: This doesn't sound like a problem at first, but there are sites that sell targeted backlinks. These usually contain an immense number of outbound links. Since Google actively fights this kind of backlink fraud, backlinks from such pages should be removed.

The topic or certain content of the page violates Google's guidelines: There are some Google guidelines that websites must adhere to. For example, pornographic content is not tolerated. In this case, the backlink is classified as toxic.

Besides backlinks, setting internal links is also very important for SEO strategy.

Internal links are references that you can set yourself within your website. You have full control over these links and can use them as it suits you.

When developing an SEO strategy, pages are always divided into three categories according to relevance.

Main pages should rank. They are optimized for the most important keywords and should be represented in the first places on Google if possible. Main pages contain as few outbound links as possible. Instead, they receive many inbound links from secondary pages and link pages.

Secondary pages should also rank, but they are not quite as important. They are optimized for less relevant keywords and can also link to other pages to give away their authority.

Link pages are used only for internal linking of main and secondary pages. They contain content that is less relevant. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for building internal links. Blog articles are often included in this category.

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