For all SEO Onpage measures is the optimized technical SEO the
Prerequisite for the success of your SEO measures.
Technical SEO is the foundation for any content project to increase your website traffic. Without this groundwork, the most beautiful and optimized texts fall flat. We want to make sure the website is structurally sound for all of these advances. That's why we start with optimization for search before developing targeted content and building your backlink portfolio.
For your technical SEO, we create analysis and action instructions for implementation in your CMS.

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What is technical SEO (search engine optimization)?

Technical SEO describes all measures on the website (therefore Onpage) that serve to make Google and Co. understand the page better. Understanding in this case means being able to index more easily and to list the page for the desired keywords. Google takes into account a number of factors that you should pay attention to when creating or optimizing your website for SEO.

How does Google help with optimization?

Google regularly publishes updates to its algorithm. This is continuously adapted, from time to time in larger updates. The most famous updates are Panda (2011), Penguin (2012), Hummingbird (2013) and Bert (2019).Thankfully, we are not left completely alone in searching for the impact of these updates. Google itself runs a series of pages that help everyone understand what to look for in onpage SEO: It's definitely worth a look - and not only interesting for techies.Since the speed of your website is an important ranking factor and depends to a large extent on the technical structure of the website, you should also definitely visit this analysis page:
You will see: There is a long list of technical things (javascript integration, methods to load fonts, image compression ...) to consider. Some of them your CMS can do by itself with the right plugin, for others you need a programmer.

What technical measures should you pay attention to?

There are quite a few things that Google places special emphasis on. These include:
  • Make sure you use SSL and HTTPS - otherwise your website will look insecure to your users and to Google and will be penalized accordingly.
  • Pay attention to your URLs - the most important keywords should be included.
  • Use responsive design so that your site looks perfect even and especially on mobile.
  • Make it easy for Google by providing a robots.txt and an XML sitemap.
  • Don't forget your 404 page.
  • Specify a preferred domain for Google and link directly to it from all others.
  • Google likes Breadcrumbs
These are just a few important points.
We analyze your website comprehensively and create a catalog of measures for optimizing your website technology. This will put you in a good position for all subsequent content marketing activities.
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"The SEO and Content Workshop with Martin Bauer was top prepared and over two days so full of exciting knowledge that we gladly went over both times. Now we know what to do to rank high. With the valuable inputs on content strategy, brand and trust building blocks, we will surely improve the conversions on our website in the long run."

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Frequently asked questions about technical search engine optimization

Technical SEO is an important part of search engine optimization. With technical search engine optimization the basis for a successful SEO strategy is created. Because without the technical requirements a page can not rank.

In the context of technical SEO, for example, one ensures that Google can crawl and index the website without any problems.

Technical SEO is always the basis of a functioning search engine optimization. The website and URL structure, 404 pages and breadcrumbs are not content-related, but technical adjustments to the website. They are made in the backend.

Content adjustments, on the other hand, include the optimization of website content for search engines. The targeted use of keywords in texts is the most important measure here.

Optimize URLs: Users want to understand what's behind a URL the first time they look at it. That's why Google also expects this. The shorter and more concise the URL, the better. In addition, words should always be separated by hyphens for better readability.

A good example of a short, unique URL is for example:

Optimize structure and navigation: The easier it is for users to find their way around the website, the better. Google also rates a clear structure positively. Therefore, you should make sure that all subpages are easily accessible.

SSL certificate: This certificate secures the website and the user data. Therefore, it is now a basic requirement by Google to rank at all. If you click on a page without an SSL certificate, Google will display a warning that the page is insecure. You can recognize pages that are protected by SSL by the https page structure (in contrast to http without SSL).

Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumb navigation allows users to find their way around the website. This way, you always know where you are on the website and you can easily get back to where you came from. Breadcrumb navigation is rated very positively by Google for its user-friendliness.

robots.txt: This text file determines which pages Google is allowed to crawl and which are not. In some cases, certain pages are blocked, which Google considers negative. All pages that should rank must be freely accessible to Google.

404-Page The 404 error page appears when the user arrives at a page that no longer exists. This should not happen in the best case, but of course it can still happen. For example, if someone types the URL incorrectly. Therefore, the 404 page should contain a simple navigation back to the home page as well as the normal menu of the website. Most WordPress themes already contain a predefined 404 page, so in this case usually nothing more needs to be done.

Pagespeed: The loading speed of the website is a basic requirement for good rankings. After all, a page that takes too long to load is viewed very negatively by users. Optimizing the pagespeed includes numerous smaller technical SEO optimizations. For example, compressing images and choosing a reliable hoster.

Basically, you should check all measures that could possibly block the ranking of your page. This will help you determine where action is needed. 

All problems in the area of pagespeed you can solve with the free tool PageSpeed Insights from Google. Here, all the difficulties with the loading time of your page will be evaluated and explained. You will also get explanations on how to best solve the problems.

Deep problems in the website or URL structure can be individually evaluated with the support of experts. COCO supports you as a technical SEO agency in the analysis and implementation of your SEO strategy.

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