Optimize website: Understand at a glance what the company stands for (examples DAX 40 companies).

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Trust

You know how it is: you go to a website and have no idea what the company actually stands for? Clear content is an essential building block for successful website content. In content marketing, clarity not only makes for a better user experience, it also increases the trustworthiness of the company. Goal: Clarity Clarity is a building block of trust that is based on [...]

Innovative strength as a trust factor in online marketing

in Content Strategy, Trust

The perceived aura of a company is one of the main factors for perceived trustworthiness. The aura itself, in turn, is made up of a number of sub-factors. One of the most important of these is innovative strength. It therefore makes sense to think about how it manifests itself in the company. Furthermore, the question of how it can be integrated into the content of a content strategy [...]

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