Trust remains the cornerstone of B2B communication

in Content Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Trust

A lot has changed in B2B communication in recent years. For a long time, primary customer acquisition was dominated by trade fairs, mailings and customer events. The more personal, the better. No wonder. After all, building trust is essential, especially when it comes to making uncertain decisions in B2B. Personal contact is unbeatable for this. Has this changed in times of Corona, limited [...]

How to plan and optimize your business and website structure

in Content Strategy, Trust

Many companies do not know how they are actually structured. This is especially true for large companies. And if companies don't understand their own structure, how are customers supposed to find their way around within the website structure? Corporations are constantly growing organically and new divisions are "glued" to the structure. Subsequently, the corporate structure looks like the house [...]

Optimize website: Understand at a glance what the company stands for (examples DAX 40 companies).

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Trust

You know how it is: you go to a website and have no idea what the company actually stands for? Clear content is an essential building block for successful website content. In content marketing, clarity not only makes for a better user experience, it also increases the trustworthiness of the company. Goal: Clarity Clarity is a building block of trust that is based on [...]

TikTok - the social media marketing megatrend 2022 & the replacement of Instagram?

in Content Strategy, Social Media

Tiktok, or formerly, is a platform for short videos. Users usually "lip sync" their videos to different sounds. Lip syncing refers to the soundless movement of the mouth to the lyrics. Meanwhile, however, most creators upload different dances, challenges or comedy. So who is this TikTok? Perhaps the biggest obstacle to marketing success [...]

B2B Content Marketing – the most important tips & examples

in Content Creation, Content marketing

Over the past 20 years, we have supported countless B2B companies on their websites. Content marketing was often a foreign word here. Even the marketing in large companies with over 1,000 employees was often rather weak. It therefore makes sense to start with the basics: Website structure and the basic approach. Optimize the B2B website structure One may [...]

Wishy-washy is out. Decisiveness is what is needed. | COCO

in Content Creation

Another important aspect of the aura that an entrepreneur or an entire company exudes is decisiveness. The aura of the company is an essential building block of trust, made up of several components. Decisiveness clearly indicates what the company is doing and the direction in which it is marching. This makes the company look trustworthy. How can the [...]

Be transparent, show transparency for trustworthiness

in Content Creation, Trust

Transparency is a very important word in connection with trust. I need trust in every situation in which I don't have all the information about my counterpart - in business just as much as in my private life. The more transparent a company or a person is, the easier it is for me to build trust. Examples of transparent trust building blocks First [...]

Before and after comparison as a method - not only for plastic surgeons and interior designers

in Content Creation

Successful results are one of the most convincing building blocks of trust. But how can they be communicated easily and quickly? A good content marketing solution is before-and-after comparisons in website copy. Earlier this year, I wanted to lose weight. The general Corona inertia with home offices, gym closures and curfews combined with frequent cooking and delicious food had made for a few too many pounds on [...]

Showing passion - the supreme discipline for making a competent impression on new customers

in Content Creation

Competence consists of a combination of expertise, process knowledge, experience, passion and capacity. Successful companies are often so good, especially over longer periods of time, because they do what they do with great passion. It's important to show that, too. To do that, there are a number of methods for creating content, some of which I'll point out [...]

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