Satisfied employees as a trust bonus

in Content Strategy, Trust

Amazon is an impressive company. But is it trustworthy? And how do you feel when you think about delivery services? How do you feel when you think about the company behind the drivers? What role can employee centricity play in your content marketing strategy? Integrity is one of the most important trust building blocks. Integrity is demonstrated in the alignment between [...]

In an interview, Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger discusses the importance of individual trust building blocks and how they can be communicated

in Trust

Listen to the entire interview in the podcast (also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts) Selected statements from the interview: "We don't sell products and services ... we sell trust." "In markets, we don't know each other. That's where a certain amount of distrust is good." "I don't think experience is unimportant ... but it can also be what you [...]

Entrepreneurial integrity is a key building block for conveying trust

in Content marketing

Integrity is one of the six central building blocks of trust for entrepreneurs, along with customer focus, competence, aura, results and personality. Being integer means acting in a way that is consistent with one's own values. I go one step further and add that the actions are optionally also in line with the communicated overarching corporate purpose, the Purpose, [...]

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