How employer branding can help you find trainees

in Content Creation, Content Strategy

You want to find new trainees? You're not alone! According to the German Federal Employment Agency, hundreds of thousands of positions have been unfilled in recent years. The hospitality, transport and construction industries in particular have problems finding trainees. There are some measures you can take. You can make the search for trainees easier with structured employer branding [...].

6 tips for content creation in trust marketing | COCO

in Content Creation, Trust

With our method of trust building blocks, we show what matters in online marketing when communicating trust. But what is the most important thing to look for when creating suitable content for trust marketing? To classify trust marketing Trust is an increasingly important value in marketing. In times of growing competition from online retail and [...]

Innovative strength as a trust factor in online marketing

in Content Strategy, Trust

The perceived aura of a company is one of the main factors for perceived trustworthiness. The aura itself, in turn, is made up of a number of sub-factors. One of the most important of these is innovative strength. It therefore makes sense to think about how it manifests itself in the company. Furthermore, the question of how it can be integrated into the content of a content strategy [...]

Wishy-washy is out. Decisiveness is what is needed. | COCO

in Content Creation

Another important aspect of the aura that an entrepreneur or an entire company exudes is decisiveness. The aura of the company is an essential building block of trust, made up of several components. Decisiveness clearly indicates what the company is doing and the direction in which it is marching. This makes the company look trustworthy. How can the [...]

In an interview, Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger discusses the importance of individual trust building blocks and how they can be communicated

in Trust

Listen to the entire interview in the podcast (also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts) Selected statements from the interview: "We don't sell products and services ... we sell trust." "In markets, we don't know each other. That's where a certain amount of distrust is good." "I don't think experience is unimportant ... but it can also be what you [...]

Klaus Eck explains how to deal with social media, what to look out for when blogging and what content tips he has for doctors, lawyers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

in Content marketing, Social Media

Listen to the entire interview in the podcast (also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts) Selected statements from the interview with the expert in content marketing and content creation: "The first thing we do ... with new customers, is to look, who is this actually?""Silence is not gold, but silver.""If I want to be found online with my competencies, [...]

Showing passion - the supreme discipline for making a competent impression on new customers

in Content Creation

Competence consists of a combination of expertise, process knowledge, experience, passion and capacity. Successful companies are often so good, especially over longer periods of time, because they do what they do with great passion. It's important to show that, too. To do that, there are a number of methods for creating content, some of which I'll point out [...]

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