6 tips for content creation in trust marketing | COCO

in Content Creation, Trust

With our method of trust building blocks, we show what matters in online marketing when communicating trust. But what is the most important thing to look for when creating suitable content for trust marketing? To classify trust marketing Trust is an increasingly important value in marketing. In times of growing competition from online retail and [...]

Wishy-washy is out. Decisiveness is what is needed. | COCO

in Content Creation

Another important aspect of the aura that an entrepreneur or an entire company exudes is decisiveness. The aura of the company is an essential building block of trust, made up of several components. Decisiveness clearly indicates what the company is doing and the direction in which it is marching. This makes the company look trustworthy. How can the [...]

Nothing builds trust like good results

in Content Creation, Trust

Results are the third major building block of trust after customer orientation and competence. What could be more convincing than a series of successful references? The best way to communicate these varies from industry to industry. If you are currently planning a website relaunch and have not yet used this building block on your website, you should definitely do so. What [...]

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