Optimize website: Understand at a glance what the company stands for (examples DAX 40 companies).

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Trust

You know how it is: you go to a website and have no idea what the company actually stands for? Clear content is an essential building block for successful website content. In content marketing, clarity not only makes for a better user experience, it also increases the trustworthiness of the company. Goal: Clarity Clarity is a building block of trust that is based on [...]

Before and after comparison as a method - not only for plastic surgeons and interior designers

in Content Creation

Successful results are one of the most convincing building blocks of trust. But how can they be communicated easily and quickly? A good content marketing solution is before-and-after comparisons in website copy. Earlier this year, I wanted to lose weight. The general Corona inertia with home offices, gym closures and curfews combined with frequent cooking and delicious food had made for a few too many pounds on [...]

Experience vs. keeping up with the times as a confidence-inspiring building block in the acquisition of new customers

in Customer Acquisition, Trust

Both experience in a field and being on the cutting edge can be important when approaching new customers. Is it an either ... or ... or a both ... and ...? Which provides more trust for the potential customer? I would like to consider this question using the example of physicians. If I [...]

Is top expertise enough to win new customers?

in Content Creation, Content Strategy

Expertise in any profession is a prerequisite for practicing that profession at all. One can bring talent, which simplifies further learning. Ultimately, however, you have to acquire the necessary knowledge and learn the skills. In some professions, a weekend seminar can suffice for this, in others it takes years. For many people, expertise equals competence and [...]

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