Agency vs. freelancer for content marketing and content creation

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Content Strategy

Anyone who does online marketing never has enough content. Something is always missing. One blog article after the other has to be written. The new landing page is still missing images. The applicants are to be convinced of the company with upbeat videos. And and and. Especially the website needs to be permanently fed with new content. Marketing can hardly keep up [...].

What is the difference between an SEO agency and a content marketing agency?

in Content marketing, SEO

The fields of activity of an SEO agency and a content marketing agency are very close today. Content is created, websites are enriched with Google-specific building blocks and links to important pages are generated. Nevertheless: there are big differences. History of the agency types Digital, Content Marketing, SEO When I founded COCO in 1997, there was neither an SEO agency in Munich [...]

Before and after comparison as a method - not only for plastic surgeons and interior designers

in Content Creation

Successful results are one of the most convincing building blocks of trust. But how can they be communicated easily and quickly? A good content marketing solution is before-and-after comparisons in website copy. Earlier this year, I wanted to lose weight. The general Corona inertia with home offices, gym closures and curfews combined with frequent cooking and delicious food had made for a few too many pounds on [...]

Showing passion - the supreme discipline for making a competent impression on new customers

in Content Creation

Competence consists of a combination of expertise, process knowledge, experience, passion and capacity. Successful companies are often so good, especially over longer periods of time, because they do what they do with great passion. It's important to show that, too. To do that, there are a number of methods for creating content, some of which I'll point out [...]

Is top expertise enough to win new customers?

in Content Creation, Content Strategy

Expertise in any profession is a prerequisite for practicing that profession at all. One can bring talent, which simplifies further learning. Ultimately, however, you have to acquire the necessary knowledge and learn the skills. In some professions, a weekend seminar can suffice for this, in others it takes years. For many people, expertise equals competence and [...]

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