TikTok - the social media marketing megatrend 2022 & the replacement of Instagram?

in Content Strategy, Social Media

Tiktok, or formerly Musical.ly, is a platform for short videos. Users usually "lip sync" their videos to different sounds. Lip syncing refers to the soundless movement of the mouth to the lyrics. Meanwhile, however, most creators upload different dances, challenges or comedy. So who is this TikTok? Perhaps the biggest obstacle to marketing success [...]

Before and after comparison as a method - not only for plastic surgeons and interior designers

in Content Creation

Successful results are one of the most convincing building blocks of trust. But how can they be communicated easily and quickly? A good content marketing solution is before-and-after comparisons in website copy. Earlier this year, I wanted to lose weight. The general Corona inertia with home offices, gym closures and curfews combined with frequent cooking and delicious food had made for a few too many pounds on [...]

Klaus Eck explains how to deal with social media, what to look out for when blogging and what content tips he has for doctors, lawyers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

in Content marketing, Social Media

Listen to the entire interview in the podcast (also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts) Selected statements from the interview with the expert in content marketing and content creation: "The first thing we do ... with new customers, is to look, who is this actually?""Silence is not gold, but silver.""If I want to be found online with my competencies, [...]

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