Innovative strength as a trust factor in online marketing

in Content Strategy, Trust

The perceived aura of a company is one of the main factors for perceived trustworthiness. The aura itself, in turn, is made up of a number of sub-factors. One of the most important of these is innovative strength. It therefore makes sense to think about how it manifests itself in the company. Furthermore, the question of how it can be integrated into the content of a content strategy [...]

Wishy-washy is out. Decisiveness is what is needed. | COCO

in Content Creation

Another important aspect of the aura that an entrepreneur or an entire company exudes is decisiveness. The aura of the company is an essential building block of trust, made up of several components. Decisiveness clearly indicates what the company is doing and the direction in which it is marching. This makes the company look trustworthy. How can the [...]

Experience vs. keeping up with the times as a confidence-inspiring building block in the acquisition of new customers

in Customer Acquisition, Trust

Both experience in a field and being on the cutting edge can be important when approaching new customers. Is it an either ... or ... or a both ... and ...? Which provides more trust for the potential customer? I would like to consider this question using the example of physicians. If I [...]

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