Writing perfect website texts - Guideline

in Content Creation

Whaaat? That's what numerous Internet users ask themselves every day when they call up a company's website. Because often neither the company's purpose nor the addressed target group is clear at first (or second) glance. This is especially (but not only) true for companies that sell software and services. Because here, product photos cannot simply be inserted next to the website texts [...].

Trust remains the cornerstone of B2B communication

in Content Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Trust

A lot has changed in B2B communication in recent years. For a long time, primary customer acquisition was dominated by trade fairs, mailings and customer events. The more personal, the better. No wonder. After all, building trust is essential, especially when it comes to making uncertain decisions in B2B. Personal contact is unbeatable for this. Has this changed in times of Corona, limited [...]

Optimize website: Understand at a glance what the company stands for (examples DAX 40 companies).

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Trust

Do you know this situation: You call up a website and have no idea what the company actually stands for? Clear content is an essential building block for successful website content. In content marketing, clarity not only ensures a better user experience, but also increases the trustworthiness of the company. Goal: Clarity Clarity is a trust building block that is based on [...]

Why your website marketing content needs trust building blocks

in Content marketing, Customer Acquisition, Trust

Why do you do website marketing? Because you want to convince your customers. Sure, get them to call. Fill out a form. Sign up for a newsletter. Or buy a product. More than one, if you like. All of these are called conversions. With the right marketing content, you can significantly increase the conversion rate. How do you do it? What is a [...]

6 tips for content creation in trust marketing | COCO

in Content Creation, Trust

With our method of trust building blocks, we show what matters in online marketing when communicating trust. But what is the most important thing to look for when creating suitable content for trust marketing? To classify trust marketing Trust is an increasingly important value in marketing. In times of growing competition from online retail and [...]

Satisfied employees as a trust bonus

in Content Strategy, Trust

Amazon is an impressive company. But is it trustworthy? And how do you feel when you think about delivery services? How do you feel when you think about the company behind the drivers? What role can employee centricity play in your content marketing strategy? Integrity is one of the most important building blocks of trust. Integrity shows up in the alignment between [...]

B2B Content Marketing – the most important tips & examples

in Content Creation, Content marketing

Over the past 20 years, we have supported countless B2B companies on their websites. Content marketing was often a foreign word here. Even the marketing in large companies with over 1,000 employees was often rather weak. It therefore makes sense to start with the basics: Website structure and the basic approach. Optimize the B2B website structure One may [...]

Innovative strength as a trust factor in online marketing

in Content Strategy, Trust

The perceived aura of a company is one of the main factors for perceived trustworthiness. The aura itself, in turn, is made up of a number of sub-factors. One of the most important of these is innovative strength. It therefore makes sense to think about how it manifests itself in the company. Furthermore, the question of how it can be integrated into the content of a content strategy [...]

Online study: Only five of the DAX 40 companies gender consistently

in Content marketing

Germany is one of the few countries in the world that recognizes the so-called "third gender" in addition to the biological genders of man and woman. The identity card then does not say m or w, but an x. This also undoubtedly makes sense, since there are undoubtedly people whose biological sex cannot be classified as male or female [...].

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