Does a content (marketing) agency make sense for the new website?

in Content Creation, Content marketing, Content Strategy

A new website is planned. There are a few things to consider. What can be done in-house? Where do you need external support? And would it be better to get it from a full-service provider or from specialists? And all of this, of course, as quickly as possible, in top quality and at a good price. What services are needed for the new website? A [...]

How to plan and optimize your business and website structure

in Content Strategy, Trust

Many companies do not know how they are actually structured. This is especially true for large companies. And if companies don't understand their own structure, how are customers supposed to find their way around within the website structure? Corporations are constantly growing organically and new divisions are "glued" to the structure. Subsequently, the corporate structure looks like the house [...]

B2B Content Marketing – the most important tips & examples

in Content Creation, Content marketing

Over the past 20 years, we have supported countless B2B companies on their websites. Content marketing was often a foreign word here. Even the marketing in large companies with over 1,000 employees was often rather weak. It therefore makes sense to start with the basics: Website structure and the basic approach. Optimize the B2B website structure One may [...]

Plan the trustworthy website structure - template for the optimal structure.

in Content Strategy, Trust

How do you ideally build the structure of the website to attract new customers? What should be the main navigation points? How do I show my dream customer that I offer the right service for him or have the best possible product available? I have dealt with this question in hundreds of website projects over the past 24 years as head of a digital agency [...]

Create your own website - Do it yourself or have it done?

in Content Creation

Whether you are founding a new company, just starting your own business, or your outdated website is in desperate need of a relaunch, the question arises: do I do it myself or do I find the right service provider for it? The same question also arises in medium-sized companies, which often have hired digital managers. These are or should basically be [...]

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