The workshop for all website managers

More new customers through optimal content & SEO

Martin Bauer Managing Director of COCO

Martin Bauer, Managing Director
+49 89 45099350

In this two-day workshop you will learn:

  • How you more visitors get organically to your website
  • How to use your Reduce abandonment rates
  • How to get longer residence time come
  • How you more new customers win
  • How to reduce your spending on Significantly reduce Google Ads and other forms of advertising can


The workshop will individually tailored only to your company tailored.

The ideal number of participants depends on your company. Most often it is 1-5 people.

The workshop is suitable for:

  • Preparation website relaunch
  • Ongoing website improvement in-house or with agencies
  • Online Marketing & Digital responsible employees
  • Founder and entrepreneur

Your expert

Martin Bauer Managing Director COCO Content Marketing & SEO

Martin Bauer
Managing Director

24 years of digital agency experience
4 startups founded
Over 500 workshops from startups to medium-sized companies to DAX corporations
Experienced in dealing with marketing and digital executives, founders and CXOs
Author of "Building Blocks of Trust

Marketing executives recommend us

First reference for COCO content marketing agency in Munich

Monika Lohmaier
Marketing & Communications
Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies

"COCO's work was characterized by professional competence and reliability from the very first workshop. With the restructuring of our content, this leads to a better customer journey. The overall results are the perfect basis for us to further develop the content of the website and other online marketing measures."

reference for coco new media itd veronika wrba

Veronika Wrba
Marketing Manager
ITD Ltd.

"Working with COCO is fun and brings significant improvements. Their innovative suggestions were a milestone for our online communications. I was impressed with how deeply they dug into our B2B market and the needs of our customers."

Merlin Faude
Founder & Managing Director
Anger coaches

"The SEO and Content Workshop with Martin Bauer was top prepared and over two days so full of exciting knowledge that we gladly went over both times. Now we know what to do to rank high. With the valuable inputs on content strategy, brand and trust building blocks, we will surely improve the conversions on our website in the long run."

Third reference for COCO content marketing agency in Munich

Kerstin Gibis
Project Management Online Communication Baader & Heins Capital Management AG

"I am very satisfied with the trustful cooperation with COCO at all times. The personal attention and responsibility they have taken for all components of our projects allows us to clearly position our companies in terms of content."


Day 1 - duration 5 hours

  • Analysis of your brand essence
    > Result: Brand attributes & central message

  • Your content strategy
    > Your personas
    > Your customer journeys
    Result: Clear target group definition, needs analysis & target concretization

  • Customized content audit of your website
    > Result: Content status quo & optimization approaches

  • Individual SEO audit of your website
    > Result: SEO status quo & optimization approaches

Day 2 - duration 5 hours

  • Need-oriented address of your users, W-questions
    Result: Recommendation content optimization

  • Applied trust building blocks
    > Result: New content modules for website & social media

  • The ideal B2B website structure
    > Result: Optimization potentials website structure

  • Lead magnets
    > Result: Supplement editorial plan

  • Link magnets & online PR
    > Result: Collection of ideas & target media

  • Pillar/cluster approach
    > Result: SEO-optimized editorial planning

  • Your content and SEO plan
    > Result: Plan for the achievement of objectives

Both days are intensively prepared for your individual needs, tailored to your company and documented.

The results of our content marketing agency speak for themselves

The results of our content-based work will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. The first step is an increase in visibility in Google, better ranking of your keywords, collecting valuable backlinks and social shares, and increased traffic to your websites. The immediate result is higher brand awareness and an increase in your leads.

Your result

You will receive your individual content & SEO plan to achieve your goals:
More new customers through your website!

Based on:
Your brand attributes & central message
Clear target group definition, needs analysis & target specification
Content Status Quo & Optimization Approaches
SEO Status Quo & Optimization Approaches
Recommendations content optimization
Trust building blocks for website & social media
Optimization potential website structure
Addition of lead magnets to editorial plan
Idea collection link magnets & target media
SEO optimized editorial planning

The workshops are conducted remotely. On-site workshops can be requested individually.

*** Satisfaction guarantee ***

If you are not convinced after the first workshop day, you have the option to terminate without notice without further justification. In this case we do not want any money from you. So you do not have to pay anything.

Experience from projects with selected companies in numerous industries

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